Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap up

1. Matt and I went to The Organized Bride in Frederick and ordered our wedding invitations. It was very busy in there, but the owner is super nice. After about an hour or so looking at the outrageously priced sample books we decided to design our own custom invites through the shop, saving us a good bit of money. We spent three HOURS there looking at PAPER. It was quite exhausting.

2. Matt was out on a man date Saturday night so I got in some good stitching time. Almost done my sampler! Woot!

3. I dragged Matt out of bed this morning to go to the church. We aren't regular church folk, but its the church where the pastor who is marrying us worships, so I feel like its important to make an appearance every once in awhile. Plus, we got to talk to him afterwards about scheduling our premarital meetings (omg).

4. We went to the grocery store, I hate the grocery store. Boo!

5. Football is on, so more stitching can occur.

6. The naked christmas tree that was in my living room has finally been put away.

7. Grey's better be good this week since last week was a RERUN! Just sayin...
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