Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Little Photoshoot

Before baby girl was born I had lots of plans of crocheting these cute little hats and such and then getting photographs done by a photographer. Well, I am quite the procrastinator and never quite got to it. Our hospital has photographers that come around and do great photos of newborns so we bought those, they were so cute!

The one thing I had to have though was a picture of my sweet girl as a mermaid! I found the best pattern on etsy and got right to work during nap times. Yesterday, I finally had time to take the pics while she was content after nursing. Since she's a bit older than newborn photos are usually taken, she was a bit squirmy and her cooperation lasted about ten minutes before she got sick of it. Lol.

My camera died in the middle of my shoot so most of the photos I took with my phone. For my "studio", I simply draped a white blanket on the couch and stuck a pillow underneath to use to prop her up.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Saturday!

It's Saturday! Yay! Even though I haven't worked in almost two months I still feel the joy of the weekend probably because it means DH will be home with us. It does get kind of boring home alone with a baby all week. I'm just now healed enough that I can get back to doing cleaning around the house.

Baby and I are getting alone well. We have our good and bad days. Good when is sweet and cuddly, bad when she just wants to hang on the boob all day. Lol. She is growing so fast, I feel like she looks different everyday.

I am almost done the stitching on barnwood buttons! I'm so excited to finish this and put the buttons on. Sadly, I haven't taken an updated picture of how close I am to finishing.

Is anyone excited for nashville market?! I've seen so many sneak peeks and new items being released and I love alot of them. My most favorite so far is spring at hawks run hollow by carriage house samplings. I live the bright colors and all the blocks are great!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This new baby stuff is hard folks. Not that I ever thought it would be easy, lol. My girl is super cute and I love her to pieces, but I can't wait until she gets herself straight and realizes that people are awake during the day and sleep all night. Right now, she is a party animal and enjoys the nightlife. I, on the other hand, just want to pull my hair out.

I've been living on our couch since she likes to be awake at all hours. DH has to be up for work and out of the house most days by 4am. He's no longer surprised to find us girls wide awake on the couch when he comes downstairs in the morning. God help me if she is still pulling the third shift when I have to go back to work next month.

The only benefit to baby sleeping all day is that I've had some time in the afternoons and evenings after napping to work on my stitching. I have barnwood buttons almost done! Last Sunday, I also met up with the ladies at our LNS for the superbowl sale. I picked up the threads and first chart for the BRD mystery sampler and Christmas at Hawks Run Hollow. I saw this piece last year at the Woodlawn show and have been thinking of it ever since.

Hope you all are well and getting the stitches in!