Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A big thanks to all of you that sent well wishes on my job interview. While awaiting a big fat rejection letter, I got a call back for a second interview!! I'm so excited!

Again, not much stitching going on. Over the weekend I did put a few stitches into the border of A Sweeter Love. The Nashville market was also this past weekend. Saturday, I am meeting up with the ladies at my lns to paw over all the new stitchy goodness.

I also caved and ordered a few things from 123stitch. The april cottage chart by ccn, barnwood buttons by rosewood manor, and winifred gardner.

What did you see at market that you MUST have?

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's Goin On?

Yea, I haven't been around much lately. I have lost my mojo after stitching two models for a designer. BTW, they are way cute.

I spent the holiday weekend cleaning up my house and reading lots of trashy romance novels. I am totally hooked on Monica McCarty and her highlander series!

Tuesday I had a job interview. Now, I have a good job, but its not very intellectually stimulating. And I'm not really planning on leaving it anytime soon, but when I saw this position pop up, I just decided to wing it and see what happens. I have to admit, its pretty much in my top three of dream jobs. Plus, the schedule is amazing. I just hope I'm not setting myself up too high for a fall by admitting to you that *I friggin really kinda want this dang job* and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

On another topic, I'm feeling very sad about the blogging world lately. If people aren't constantly complaining about the changing environment of blogger and facebook, they are making personal attacks on other bloggers/stitchers. Its very sad. Who cares if so and so didn't send you their RAK or you didn't win their giveaway?!

Get. A. Grip. Dude.

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Friday, February 10, 2012


No pics this week as I haven't done much stitching, BUT I was a winner!

I received an email earlier this week letting me know that I won a giveaway from Lizzie Kate! Yay!! Its the winter scissor fob kit that comes with tiny, cute scissors. Exciting stuff!

Also this week, I received some materials to stitch a model. No, I can't show you, but its good stuff!

Happy weekend!

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Monday, February 6, 2012

For the Downton Abbey Fans!

This site is sooo funny! I've missed the last couple weeks of this season, gotta catch up!!

When Dowager Countess Texts

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A New Week

Another week begins after a great weekend!

Friday night DH worked so I had the house to myself for a bit. I didn't feel all that great so not much stitching was accomplished. Saturday, I didn't feel much better, but I got to enjoy the day with DH and we went to get our superbowl snacks for the big game day.

Yesterday, I met up with the ladies for lunch and then shopping at our lns' big game day sale. I was unable to get the threads I needed for my chatelaine piece, but did pick up the new Lizzie Kate kit. I started working on it last night during the game. I took the day off work today to enjoy a day at home and stitched a bit more this morning.

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Friday, February 3, 2012


Well, I don't kbow about anyone else but I've seen a few blog posts from people about thread storage. I store all my dmc threads on plastic bobbins and use vonnas method of labelling. I then keep all my bobbins in a box. Well, I have like three or four of those bobbin boxes. Of course, one box I don't count because its all thread for ONE wip that's been in progress....oohhhh...around ten years. Its a Teresa Wentzler, nuff said. Anywho, I've seen posts about these double sided boxes, so last night after work I cruised on down to joann fabrics and found two! Alas, one was broken, so I just purchased the one. It was on sale 40% off so it went into the cart. So I'm down from two boxes of dmc to one half of this box. Yay space savers!

More exciting news when I got home! My order from stitching bits and bobs came! Yay!! I got a few silks for my chatelaine and the february and march cottages from CCN.

A great start to the weekend!!

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Almost There

The weekend is almost here and I am very ready. My poor hubby is working doubles since Wednesday,  no rest for him until Saturday. Sometimes I feel like a big jerk because he works two jobs and I don't. But, I spent all six years of my college days working two and three jobs at a time just to survive, not because it was fun. I know if I went back to that now it would not be healthy for me. Plus, I could just forget I even have a husband to go home to. I worked a second job for a bit when we first started dating, two evenings a week and saturdays. I was always exhausted and DH was always worried about me. So,I have to remind myself of these things when I feel like a big jerk sitting at home one the couch while he is still working. DH doesn't HAVE to work that second job, he continues because he likes the people and its a bit extra cash in his pocket every week. Hes even tried to quit a few times, but the owners always get him to come back. One time they even chased him down in the parking lot and begged him to come back.

Anywho, onto some stitchy things. Last night, I did a bit more border on "growing" (sorry, no picture). I thought it would be boring and slow, but its gone surprisingly fast. I have the one side done on the first page and will be working on the top this weekend.

I've seen alot of stitchers finishes of the Sarah Elizabeth Brook sampler and I've got to say, I've kicked myself a fair number of times for not getting the chart when I had the chance at the retreat this past November. I picked up the darn thing at least three times while I was shopping and put it back on the rack! All that brick seemed so daunting, but I love it more and more everytime I see it in someones blog and the colors are so pretty! Maybe I will find it at the sale this weekend!

If not, its definitely on my wish list!

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