Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Birthday!

My birthday was Friday, December 31st. It's kind of a crappy day for a birthday, but it's not like I had a choice. Haha!

Matt was off work for the new years holiday so we got to spend the day together. He took me to a mall about an hour away in Rockville to go here :

The Pandora jewelry store! It's not very big, kind of an enlarged kiosk, but it was fun to see all their charms in one place! Matt had wanted to get me the cupcake charm for my birthday, but dang if they weren't sold out of them! I was a bit disappointed to say the least, but I had plenty of other choices. In the end, I decided to get two clips so that the charm I already had would stop sliding around and driving me crazy. I also reminded Matt that I actually had a charm from him at home. He had given it to me last Christmas as a pendant on a chain. It is a daisy with a dangly blue topaz charm. We walked around the mall some more and got some lunch before heading home.

Once we were home, Matts mom texted me and said she had a birthday gift for me also! We had already gotten home so we decided to go another day over the weekend. Matt took a nap while I sat down to my birthday gift to myself and started working on a new stitching project.

Friday night we spent the evening at a neighbors house to celebrate the new year and got to sleep in on Saturday.  Saturday we enjoyed having a relaxing day around the house. We realized that despite the days of work we have had off work the last couple weeks, none of it we got spend at home just relaxing.

Today we stopped by Matt's moms house. She works a crazy schedule so, sadly, she wasn't home but left my gift. Its a beautiful new charm for my bracelet! It is one of the wedding ones I had wanted for our wedding day, but I got it early! It's a little ring bearer pillow with two rings on top, so adorable!

Here is my bracelet! From left to right: clip with little flowers on it, heart I got for Christmas, daisy with blue topaz dangle (my birthstone), wedding charm, and last another clip with a little bling! I love my bracelet, and I love how it is growing!

Now I am off to get do some more stitching and enjoy the rest of this weekend. Tomorrow it's back to work as usual. I will miss those short work weeks!

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Danielle said...

LOVE the bracelet! I think we have the same two clips.