Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe pre - Halloween weekend!!

Back to the ole' grind tomorrow, boooo!!

Our neighbors had a bit of a get together Saturday night for the holiday. We had a good bit of snow here in Maryland all day Saturday so, sadly, she did not have many people show up, but those of us that lived just a few houses away had a good time!!

My husband decided to be a pirate for the party, so I threw together this hat last week. I was his parrot!

It was fun to make this hat for myself and it will come in handy for work tomorrow. I am not much of a costume person, so this hat was a good go to choice. Plus, its fun and creative!!

I have a Kindle with special offers and I just HAPPENED to check the offers Friday night and with a shriek of joy, got an offer to get 50% off a kindle cover from!! I have been patiently waiting as I have been eying the hot pink lighted kindle cover on their site. At a whopping $49.99, I knew I could save some money if I just waited for a special offer to pop onto my Kindle. Saturday, I was able to order my new cover and along with my special offer, I had some money left on a gift card. Got my new cover for $20 and free shipping!! Totally worth the wait! I love my Kindle so much and read it almost every night, so I know this is a worthwhile purchase.

The rest of the weekend I spent working on the super cute Shepherd's Bush scissor fob 'Sweet Stitches' that I got when I was at In Stitches. I just completed the stitching and stitched it together. I have a little mini pillow at this point. I love the flower motif and the colors in the threads, bright and cheery. There was a mother of pearl heart bead that came with it, but it came loose while I was putting it together and manhandling it to put the stuffing in so I just cut it off. Better now than later I guess, haha. Next, I have to add the ruched ribbon to complete the fob. It will my first attempt, so lets hope it goes well!

I also ordered and received my piece of fabric to stitch "Growing Like a Tree"! It is 40 count vintage examplar by Ladeside Linens. I am so excited to get started on this sampler! I think it will pack it up and have it ready to go to retreat in a couple weeks!

Friday, October 28, 2011


So is anyone else kind of over facebook lately?

Yes, the recent changes have been a bit of an adjustment, but I am talking more about the people on facebook than anything else.

I don't know about your friends, but mine?! Omg. What a bunch of whiners. Its a constant barrage of, "oh I have this illness, I'm soo sick. Feel sorry for me", and "oh, my life is so terrible and I sit around and do nothing to improve it. Feel sorry for me." Followed by a cascade of comments from people who are practically strangers to the person who posted it.

I'm annoyed. I mean, what are really you trying to accomplish when you post things like "noone cares about me" or when people post idiotic and demeaning things about their significant other who doesn't even have a facebook. Seriously, why would you do that?!

Facebook is a sad way to attempt to validate your very existence. Its one thing to post every once in awhile that you had a crap day. Everyone does. But a constant public demonstration of your poor decision making just tells me you need some serious help and facebook is not the place to find it.

I like facebook because it has given me a way to reconnect with old friends and distant family members. I have been able to find new friends and discover new resources by connecting with businesses through social networking. I won't stop using it but I am just so over all the drivel.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Here is a picture of this months tusal jar. I really don't think it looks any different than last month. How sad.

Last night I paid a visit to Hobby Lobby to get some yarn and also picked up floss for growing like a tree. Loving the colors!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some Good Stuff

This past Sunday, Danielle and I met up and made our way to In Stitches for the lock in. It was a good time with yummy food and quality stitching (and shopping)!

As I had been on a bit of a stash diet lately, I went alittle crazy. I have the three charts for the birds of a feather mystery sampler so at the lockin I got all the threads needed. Now, to find the perfect fabric.

I also picked up a pack of needles and quilted garden from blue ribbon designs.

That was my first trip to the register.

See, In Stitches has all their lovely models displayed ALL over the shop. And, I mean all over. There are so many, you see something new everytime you go in.

On a previous trip to the shop to the shop I had admired a lovely sampler that is displayed, in all places, the restroom. But, alas, I was on a stash diet so I didn't ask about it. This time though I just kept telling Danielle how much I liked it, so she had to go in and see for herself. She saw a model she also liked so she went to the counter and the nice lady was able to look up the model numbers and wrote down the names and designers of the pieces we were looking for.

My second trip to the register I purchased growing like a tree by moira blackburn. A beautiful sampler, the cover picture does not do it justice. In Stitches restroom display is way better! Lol!

Well, I finally settled down to some stitching and then I see a nice lady a few chairs down with the cutest scissor fob.

My third and final trip to the register I got shepherds bush sweet stitches fob kit.

Lest you think I got nothing done but shop, I did stitch. I worked on lizzie kates snowman from last year. Almost done!

Next up, in a couple weeks, Danielle and I team back up for the retreat. Yay!!

*Please excuse my crappy pictures taken very late Monday night with my cell phone.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Be prepared, this is a non stitchy paranoia filled post.

Hubby and I currently rent the house we live in. We are hoping to change that situation in the next year or two. I lived there when we met and he moved in. I've lived there eight years. Good neighbors and not so good neighbors. Its a quiet street in a small town so we've never had much worry when it came to security.

I even lived alone for a time before my husband moved in while we were dating. I didn't worry because I had good neighbors and everyone was in everyones business when there were strangers around making sure there was no trouble.

Well, last week an older ladys family had come over and moved her stuff out. Apparently, within an hour of her stuff being moved out, the apartment she lived in was broken into. It was empty, obviously, so nothing was stolen. Another neighbor said around that time she saw someone looking in her back window. I find my neighbor questionable because she posted on facebook that someone was looking in her window four hours BEFORE the breakin occurred. She then posted Monday that someone was looking in her front window, which would have been difficult for them to do since her front window isn't ground level and they would have had to climb her garden wall to look in it. And why in heck would you post that on facebook and not call the police?! And noone saw this person climbing your garden wall?! Come on now.

Well last night after hubby went to bed, I heard some voices outside late. I looked out and there were two policemen up at our neighbor friends house. I messaged her to make sure she was ok since her bf works at night and she was home alone with her ds. She told me that she came home to her front door open and her next door neighbor had seen someone go by on a bicycle and then heard her door open.

Hubby and I both work during the day which puts a hitch in my step every morning when I have to leave for work. If someone were to break into our home I would be devestated. Setting aside all worries about material things (which we have worked very hard for, thank goodness for rental insurance at least), its very scary to think of someone coming into my home without my knowledge and going through our things. I find it diffucult to believe that I would be comfortable in our home after it had been so violated.

So this morning, I called my mother and asked her to have her husband install an additional lock on our front door. I know its not necessarily a fool proof solution if someone REALLY wanted to get in our house, but it will make me feel better and hopefully will be a deterrent to someone with bad intentions.

I could really use a needle and thread right now.
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Friday, October 14, 2011

An Old Love

Last night I worked on a wip I hadn't touched in a long time. Nantucket Rose by Lavender and Lace. Its a great stitch! I got her to work on upstairs while I catch up on shows on my computer.

Hopefully, I can make some progress on her!
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crappity Crap

Blackbird designs has released the next part of their current loose feathers series. And I thought I was gonna pass on this. Sigh.

I enjoyed having Monday off work for the Columbus Day holiday. I spent some time at home working on venetian opulence and finished another crochet hat. Pics to come!!

Danielle and have both signed up for the next lock in at In Stitches and today, I mailed in my registration for the needlearts weekend retreat! We are both super excited!

Hope everyone is doing well!
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mind. Blown.

So during my usual web surfing yesterday evening, I came across a new post by Vonna! I am not going to tell you what it is. I am just hoping you follow the link and experience the wonder of this post she put up.

Do you follow Vonna? Why not? What is wrong with you? Just do it. Best day of your life.

So anyway, Vonna does some of the most amazing finishing work. Plus, she has a separate blog to help all us dummies learn her fabulous finishing methods.

After seeing Vonna's awesome creation yesterday, I fervently wished that anyday I would come upon her finishing blog and there would be a tutorial of this most amazing, awesome thing that she posted about.

Did you see it yet? What are still doing here reading my drivel?!

Finally, last night I just happened to recheck my google reader on my phone and this had been posted.

I will be making one, or five.

Yesterday was also cause for other excitement as Danielle and I finally got the email announcing the next lock in at In Stitches. So dang excited!! The email also opened our eyes to a retreat happening next month in Laurel. It is Friday through Sunday of glorious stitching AND a trip to a needlearts exhibit at Montpelier.

Not much stitching going on, although I did finish one of  the cutest crochet hats for a custom order. Looking forward to the end of the week as I approach a holiday weekend!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


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