Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I have none. No time. None at all. Since Ms. Marleigh came it has been very difficult for me to find time. Time to clean, time to stitch, time to read, time to go to the friggin bathroom even! But that's ok, I love her to pieces and I knew that time would be a precious thing once she arrived. Precious because there is so little of it and precious because it is going by so fast. She is still so small but I miss when she was even smaller already. She is so incredibly alert now and interacting with the world around her, but I miss when she slept for the whole day. Lol.

Despite all this though I have managed to scrounge up some minutes here and there to let my mind rest enough to put in a few stitches. I truly do believe that it is so important for us to still find time for the things that make us happy. One kid, ten kids, whatever. Making time for ourselves is what makes us good people and helps us to be better parents. Don't worry, I won't get on my soapbox. Lol. I did sacrifice some good sleep for these stitches though! Worth it, SOOO worth it!

I stayed home from work yesterday as dd and I were feeling under the weather. We both enjoyed switching the tv back and forth between crappy bravo and Disney junior. We love our octonauts!

We are due for a rainy few days, hopefully the sun shines this weekend!