Saturday, October 31, 2015

On a roll!

I've been home from work these past few days. My grandfather passed away on Wednesday after a prolonged illness. Yesterday, I was with family helping to make arrangements for his memorial and was able to say a final goodbye. Today, I was able to relax at home and stitch away while binge watching Once Upon A Time. 

I was able to get more done as I stitched well into the night after my little one was in bed and my husband was home from work. We like to stay up late on the weekends to enjoy our time alone and catch up on our shows. 

Tomorrow, we remember my grandfather and then home to take our girl trick or treating. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

Funny thing....

Last night I was enjoying a late night with my stitching and TGIT. I was super excited to continue work on my Chatelaine piece, Hawaii Mandala. I was just getting out of the blue and onto a leaf! Yay, new color! LOL. I was also approaching a specialty stitch, the jessica flower. All set to stitch and I realize I cannot find the thread! Now, I kitted up this project a few years ago, okay, maybe 4-5. I cannot recall exactly. I took months to get all the threads as they are somewhat expensive, so I could not buy them all at once.

So there I sit, panicking because I cannot find this thread. Oh my, did I possibly miss purchasing this one? ANOTHER thread I do not have?! I KNOW I had it!! Where is it?! My cat was quite disgruntled at the fussing, disturbing her absorption into the continuing saga and romance of Olitz.

I came to accept that maybe I just did not have it, maybe I just missed buying it when I purchased all the other threads. Maybe the LNS just did not have it in stock and I put off buying it for another day and forgot all about it. So, I moved on and starting stitching the rhodes stitches for the pineapples.

I soon realized the lateness of the evening. 1 AM and I have to work  the next day. So away went my wip, and all the threads gathered into their bag for safe keeping. Folded up my throw blanket and took the remainder of my code red mountain dew to the kitchen. I turned to check and make sure I did not miss putting anything away. Nothing can be missed for it will be snatched up by eagle eyed toddler.

Lo and behold, there is my thread. Where it had been hiding under my behind the whole time.

Well played, well played.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I've come to a standstill ont mermaid. So close to being finished and I ran out of kreinik thread!! I don't have a picture, but I can't tell you that I was minutes from a finish when I realized the spool was finished. I don't live close enough to my lns to just take a quick trip to replace it either, so it will have to wait. 

I did some work on my growing like a tree sampler which is about 60% done! I got kind of tired of that as I was thinking about my chatelaine wasting away in its bag. 

I took that out today and got ALOT done! I'm so excited to work on it again! I am going to a retreat next month and will definitely be taking it with me.