Wednesday, August 26, 2015


At the beginning of summer I joined a secret exchange on Facebook and received this great package from Las Vegas! 

It was so generous and fun! I've been on a very strict stash diet for what feels like years so it was a great treat to receive THREE patterns as part of my package. 

One day on my lunch break I went to check out the local goodwill for some furniture deals and after striking out decided to check out the dollar tree next door. Everything is one dollar! Jack pot!! I found these super cute highlighters. Perfect for my stitching bag! 

And does anyone else remember these pencils from their childhood? With the pop up points? I remember how they used to come in so many fun designs and fruit scented ones! I would always beg my mom to get me some of them! Lol. They had one package of frozen designs left and I figured a buck for four of them, it was a steal! I did give the Olaf one to a coworker as we had been  reminiscing about them and that's how I got started even looking for them in the store. 

Did you know you can buy in bulk from the dollar trees website?! Shut up and take my money! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A day at home!!

Yesterday I had to drop off my car to get its annual inspection. I took the day off work and took my girl to daycare and figured I would enjoy the day with some stitching and binge watching something other than Disney,Jr and Paw Patrol. Haha.

I caught up with the real housewives and watched a couple movies while working on my mermaid. 

I was starting to feel a bit of burn out on her but after really having some time yesterday, I was excited to see so much progress! All of the light green of the tail is what I got done yesterday, plus after I took this picture I had some time to start filling it in. 

I still have my etsy shop going and have added some very cute needle magnets!! 

I'm hoping to add some fall/Halloween items soon!

My husband and I are counting down the days to our beach vacation with our family!! Can't wait to some stitching by the ocean! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Stitching and Accessorizing

I've been working on this Nora Corbett mermaid for a few weeks. It's become a quick stitch and I love the variations of the silks! 

I've also recently opened my own etsy shop!! I'm not sure about anyone else, but as a stitcher, I love my gadgets! Needle magnets or minders are a particular weakness. I was having a hard time finding ones that I really loved, so I decided to start making and selling my own! They are so fun and I love the sparkles!! 

Aren't these stunning?!?! 

Happy stitching!! 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Been Awhile...

Since I've had one of these!! 

A happy dance! A finish! Yay!! 

Blue Ribbon Designs "Blue Jeans and Daisies". I've been working on this one quite awhile. It's hard to find the time when you've got a tiny human running the joint. 

Back to the princess! 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy new year!

Lots of things happening since I last posted in APRIL!! WOw, that's crazy that I slacked so bad. 

Let's see, we are still enjoying living in our house. In a few weeks, we will have lived here a year! We are still working on making it our own, but there are pictures the wall and dirty floors all around. Lol. 

Sadly, we had to return one of cats to the shelter not long after we adopted the two. She didn't seem to be adjusting well to our home and a toddler running around, and took to pooping in our bedroom. Sometimes, on our clothes and it's just not something we could cope with having a small one around the house. 

I'm still chugging away on sleeping princess. I'm able to find more time here and there with Marleigh getting older and being more independent. 

Speaking of my little chicken, she will be TWO next week. Whaaaa?! 

Picture time! 

Just a little glimpse. I have quite a bit done that is covered by the chart. So much blue. So much green. 

This picture was taken at the Gaylord hotel in national harbor. We were treated to a night at the hotel and tickets to the Ice! show by my in laws. We had a great time! 

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Well. Looks like I dropped the ball again. Just over a month since my last post. My dd and I got very sick at the end of March and it's taken me quite a while to get through it. She had a bit of an ear infection and I ended up having strep throat for the first time in my life. I also had some heavy duty pain in my ears and was having difficulty hearing. The dr said I had quite a bit of blockage in my ears due to everything else that was going on. Thankfully, it's all cleared up now and I can stop telling my husband to "turn it up" when we are watching tv. Lol 

I am still plugging away on sleeping princess. 

And there is a cat in my shower....

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Too Cute

On the weekends, we like to take our mornings to unwind, sit on the couch and watch cartoons. My daughter LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's so great to see her get so excited and dance to the music while she watched the show. Another favorite on the weekends is Too Cute on Animal Planet. We love all the puppies and kittens! 

The weekend of valentines day we adopted two cats from our local spca. They are taking quite awhile to adjust, but each day they come around more and more. When they first came home, they bolted from the room whenever we walked in. They still don't let us walk right up to them, but they are much more relaxed when we come into their space, and they are seeking out our company a lot more than they used to. 

They are both very playful and will go nuts over a pipe cleaner! 

This is the younger of the two at just less than a year. She is much more into being around her people. This was just a couple weeks ago when she started joining me on the couch in the evenings I'm able to stay up late and stitch. She was very curious about my needle and thread. 

We had a snow day earlier this week. During nap time, I decided to break in my new pan and made mini donuts! So delicious! 

I also received this pretty in the mail!! I ordered from a shop on eBay and it was the only place I've seen it so I had to snatch it up! With a baby and buying a home, my stash budget is minimal, plus I have so much to stitch already I'm pretty happy just keeping my wish list updated for now! This I had to have though! 

I don't have a progress picture of sleeping princess, but I'm almost done stitching the skin! I've been stitching it over one and had a hiccup over the weekend. I stitched a lot of stitches in the wrong color and had to rip it out and restitch it. It was a faster fix than I thought it would be, but hopefully it won't be repeated!