Monday, January 17, 2011


Today was a holiday so I had off work. My FMIL also had off work today so she asked me to go shopping with her for a dress to wear to the wedding. We went to Lord and Taylor. She used to work there so she got to see her old coworkers and use some coupons.

While she was checking out I found the perfect, inexpensive earrings to wear on the big day, and she found a cute pair herself!

I had been telling mil that I'm not a big makeup kinda person and was worried about what I was gonna do on wedding day. I can usually slap on some mascara and lip gloss and be good for the day. I'm not much for the whole shebang with foundation, eye shadow, and I've never even TRIED eye liner!

So, I was quickly steered over to her trusted friend at the clinique counter for a makeover. It was quite fun, but I also felt bad because I knew this nice lady was going to go to all the trouble of helping me and I couldnt afford to buy all those products at once. I suggested writing everything down and just buying a few of the products and getting the rest later. Imagine my surprise when mil said "oh, well I'm getting it all for you and your earrings, no worries!"

She is so amazing and generous. I'm so lucky to be able to become apart of such a wonderful family! I came home with quite the haul, minus a few things that were out of stock. I'm looking forward to picking those up later! It felt nice to be a bit girly and get made up I know I won't be puting it all on everyday, but it will be fun to play with!

I was out all day and didn't get much stitching in, luckily, I have some time before bed!
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Astrid's dragon said...

What a wonderful treat! I have a great MIL too, and it makes things so much nicer. Enjoy it!

Danielle said...

How very cool and generous of FMIL!!! I love Clinique! Especially their Glosswear. You should have taken a pic of yourself made up and posted it.