Monday, April 18, 2011

Red Alert!

I am in crisis over here. Saturday night while watching the new Harry Potter movie, I had planned to work on my sampler. I ended up waiting until after the movie was over and Matt had gone out with a friend.

Imagine the horror when I settled in and realized I was missing a thread! Not just any thread, a SILK thread! I could have sworn when I brought it downstairs it was sitting right on top and although the little bag was not secure to the ring like the rest of my threads, it was there.

I crazily went through the house, top to bottom, searching for a little bag holding creamy white thread. I moved our sofa! No luck. I have no idea what happened to it. So, away went the sampler. I couldn't bear to look at that unfinished swan, mocking me for losing the thread.

I've decided to give it a week or two to see if it turns up before I reorder it, because you just know I'll go through the trouble of ordering a new skein and it will turn up out of nowhere.

For now, it is lost in la la land.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Secret Pal!

In my office we do a fun activity throughout the year called "secret pal". At the beginning of each year, whoever would like to participate fills out a questionnaire about their likes and dislikes. After all the participants complete the form, they are placed in a basket and each person draws a name. Noone knows who got who, hence the name "secret pal".

Throughout the year, you are supposed to give small gifts letting that person know they are appreciated and thought of. At the end of year, usually around Christmas time we have a big party and there is a big reveal where you find out who had your name for the year. I've done it the last couple years and its always a fun thing, finding thoughtful gifts for the person I have and every once in awhile receiving little treats from the person who has my name!

Today, I received this cute beanie baby bear and a small bouquet of carnations for easter! Its the cutest little bear and my favorite color, pink!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mental Health Day

Yesterday, I woke up not feeling well. Decided to stop being a wuss about it and made myself get up, get ready, and make my way into the office. Halfway there, I realized that there was no way I was going to make it through the day without embarrassing myself. I felt like poo, my body was hurting all over, exhausted and near tears, I pulled over, called my boss and took myself back home. After getting back home I crawled into bed and slept for another four hours while the rain fell. It was a sleep so good, I drooled on my pillow and did not care.

After waking up, I dragged myself to the couch and watched some "Dexter" while working on my bouquet flowers. I also took some time to work on my sampler.

This swan is almost done and I'm so glad. Its over one, on 40 count fabric. At first I didn't think this was going to work. I was afraid I was going to have to toss it and get another piece of fabric, but after awhile its starting to look good so I think it'll be okay.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Pins and Needles!

As I sit here at work, I am anxiously waiting for our photographer to post "preview" pictures from our engagement session onto her Facebook Page. I am nervous, people! The session went very well yesterday. We had on cute outfits, I had my nails done, I wore makeup for God's sake!  We are talking serious stuff here, like concealer and foundation. So, here I am, cradling my phone, repeatedly hitting refresh, refresh, refresh and no relief. After the preview pics, we should get a lovely disk with all of our photos in the mail in about a week or two. Then I can print and order and create with them to my hearts content to prepare a couple things for the wedding.

Speaking of the wedding. I am totally frustrated and annoyed. How freakin' hard can it be to rsvp to a wedding?! If you get an invitation to an event two months in advance, I would think you would be able to know if you are able to come or not. If you usually work on a Saturday, aren't those two months in advance enough time for you to take off?! Or if you know you can't take off work, those two months should be enough time to say "hey, I am not coming to your stupid party?!" AHHH! I mean, really, I thought I made it stupid easy. Our rsvp cards are post cards for pete's sake. Post cards that already have stamps and don't need evelopes. Just write your name on it so I know who you are and put it in a mailbox!

Speaking of RSVP's, Matts mom is throwing a shower for us THIS SUNDAY. People have been invited, and they have not rsvp'ed! She made it even simpler by allowing rsvp by email or phone, no snail mail needed. Still, people do not respond.

I swear, I will never throw another party. This is ridiculous, the level of inconsideration people have. No, I will not ASSUME you are coming to my wedding. I have a caterer, that I have to pay, who needs to know how many people to feed. No, I will not tell them 45, when I only have rsvp's from 8 people! So, return your friggin' post card and get it over with!

I wish I could have a bouncer at the entrance of the church, with a list. No rsvp, no entrance. Get with the program people, rsvp''s kind of a big deal.

I need to go check my Facebook.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Happy Friday everyone! Even though its a rainy, yucky day here I'm so excited for the weekend!

I was highly upset last night that Greys was a repeat, but I coped with some much needed stitching. I did a couple more motifs and some border on my sampler. I also realized that some of the motifs are stitched over one. Crap! That should be interesting on 40 count fabric. I have already started the swan, which is the little bit of white stitching in the picture. It is painstaking and teeny, tiny. My poor eyes, once again thankful for the investment in my ott lite! Oh well, it will get done!

Tonight I am going to visit with some friends to celebrate one of my gf's who is getting married the weekend after me. Very much looking forward to an evening of girl talk and relaxing at her house.

Tomorrow morning we are going to a wedding. It will be nice to have a day off from ours and enjoy some good food and dancing with my man!

Sunday, we are going to meet our photographer at a state park to get our engagement pictures done. Fingers crossed that it is a nice afternoon.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Surprise in the Mail!

Yesterday, I came home with the plan to go out with Matt to do some shopping. We are going to a wedding on Saturday and having our engagement pictures taken on Sunday and had nothing to wear for either event. The wedding is at 11 a.m. and the only wedding appropriate things I had to wear are better for evening weddings. As for the pictures, we had decided to go casual since they are being shot in a park, so I already have my jeans and cute shoes picked out, but no top.

Our shopping trip was slightly delayed when I came home to find a huge box on the kitchen table and Matt waiting for me so we could open it together.

O.M.G, this was in the box:

The most coveted item on our wedding registry, well for me it was! Sent by the lovely and most generous Danielle and her BF! Can you believe her?! Oh, look at it, isn't it sooo pretty?! I love it so much! I am sure I had it out of the box and on the counter in less than five seconds. Poor Mr. Coffee, he was quite upset. Matt felt so bad he made room for him on another part of the counter.

I had to tear myself away so that we could get our shopping done, which turned out to be a success. But, I sure did enjoy just pushing that little button and having my coffee ready almost intantly.

I can't wait to try out some different coffees, teas, and hot chocolates!

Happy Grey's Day!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

TUSAL and Spring Swap

TUSAL JAR 04/03/2011
Lots of black and white threads from working on embroidering the flowers for my wedding bouquet. Almost done!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend! Our weekend has been great! Friday night, Matt worked at his parttime job while I enjoyed some time at home. I watched one of the most awful movies I have ever seen, "The Romantics". It isn't often that I pan a movie and say how truly awful it is, but this movie. Wow, it was one of those bad movies you just keep watching in the hopes that it would get better, and it just. never. does. Such a let down. Afterwards, I had a good pick me up by watching a couple more episodes of "My So Called Life". I didn't get much stitching done as I came down with a bad movie headache and ended up going to bed as soon as Matt got home.

Saturday, we enjoyed a leisurely day around the house. One of the few we have left as the wedding(and crazy) gets closer. I did four loads of laundry and told the rest of the house cleaning to shove it. Later that evening, Matt and I took a nap. I never take a nap, and for good reason. I had a dream I swallowed part of a toy helicopter, truly awful. No naps for this girl. After naptime we decided to get out of the house and go to see a movie. We saw "Source Code". Holy cow, that movie was good! Go see it!! And Jake is so yum with his stubble.

This morning we went to church, breakfast and the grocery store. I decided to continue our weekend of movies and got "127 hours" and "black swan" from the Blockbuster Express machine. Both good movies. James Franco certainly earned his oscar nomination. He carries that whole movie, seriously, its all him and he is great. Black Swan? Oh my, that girl was psycho and Natalie Portman got some skillz.

In other news, I am a total slacker! My spring swap gift came last week and I have yet to mail my gifts out to my partner, but tomorrow is the day, it will be done! Anyway, I received wonderful gifts from Sheila!

(There was more candy, but I ate it before I took a picture.) The wonderful Sheila sent me some sweet loot and a lovely handmade scissor fob! I love the mug, it is so bright and springy and came in a super cute box that I am saving for stitchy stuff. The scissor fob has a cute daffodil and other flowers on it, accented by beads. It's so cute, I hung it off my stitching light that is always set up by my stitching spot, so I always get to see flowers while I stitch. See the cute little bird?! It's already got a perfect spot on a table by our front door and the rose candle holder already has a candle in it, sitting up in our bedroom. Sheila also included a small 6x6 scrapbook and with all the stitchers online talking about doing stitching scrapbooks, I think I've got some plans for it. Thank you so much Sheila, I enjoyed every one of your thoughtful gifts!

I was able to get some stitching done this weekend. I worked mostly on trying to get all the flowers done for my bouquet, but today I took a break to work on my sampler. I am really enjoying working with the silks, although the 40 ct. is a little hard on the eyes sometimes.

A Sweeter Love
Plum Street Samplers
 40 ct. Sand Newcastle 1 over 2

Well, tomorrow start another work week. Hurry up, Friday!!