Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Day = Yummy Dinner

Major storm here in the Maryland area. Whew, what a doozy, but I know its nothing next to what we went through last year.

It is almost 8 p.m. and my Matt is not yet home from work. I stayed home today since it was yucky this morning and liberal leave was called. Matt usually gets off work at 4 so this is super late. He let me know a bit ago that he was nowhere near his shop and it will be awhile. So I anxiously await and pray nothing happens to him and his coworker while they navigate through the storm.

I have shoveled 4 TIMES today and know I will have to go out again when Matt let's me know he's on has way home so he has somewhere to park.

I've made something super tasty for dinner tonight! Watch out for the recipe!

Hope you are all keeping warm and have shelter from the storm!
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Astrid's dragon said...

I think it's finally stopped here! The trees are drooping big time and I'm hoping not to lose our weeping cherry trees. I hope you are done shoveling, I'm sure that's heavy stuff.

Stay warm!

Parsley said...

EEK! Strange how in my state we will be having spring like weather.