Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A day at home!!

Yesterday I had to drop off my car to get its annual inspection. I took the day off work and took my girl to daycare and figured I would enjoy the day with some stitching and binge watching something other than Disney,Jr and Paw Patrol. Haha.

I caught up with the real housewives and watched a couple movies while working on my mermaid. 

I was starting to feel a bit of burn out on her but after really having some time yesterday, I was excited to see so much progress! All of the light green of the tail is what I got done yesterday, plus after I took this picture I had some time to start filling it in. 

I still have my etsy shop going and have added some very cute needle magnets!! 

I'm hoping to add some fall/Halloween items soon! 


My husband and I are counting down the days to our beach vacation with our family!! Can't wait to some stitching by the ocean!