Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturdaaayyy! celebrate!

I feel very accomplished today. I don't know why, I certainly didn't do anything!

This morning, I was up bright and early for a Saturday, completed errands to the bank and post office. The I was off to Panera Bread to meet my bloggy friend, Danielle! Us girls had a nice time eating lunch, stitching and talking stitchy. So nice to talk about linen and thread without the listeners eyes glazing over!

I made some progress on sampling and more progress when I got home. Today was a big football day in Maryland. Though not a fan of the Ravens or the Steelers, it was quite the nailbiter!

Hope your all enjoying the weekend! I've got a three day weekend myself with the MLK holiday on Monday, yay!
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Astrid's dragon said...

It's looking great, your tree bloomed! Panera in Columbia by chance? That's close by me! And I know what you mean about the football game today, whatever...

VegasJilly said...

We were at the panera in westminster. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Danielle said...

i see a bird! you have made great progress. i am guessing you will have a stitchy day tomorrow. i am off too and hope to get some stitching done.