Friday, July 5, 2013


Yesterday, our family enjoyed a wonderful holiday! 

Dh and I both had off work and loved spending it together with our little chicken! Wednesday night we did some shopping and had dinner at chilis followed by yummy shakes at sonic. Half price after 8! I was worried about being out so late, but Marleigh did really well and saved her fussing for the car while we were in the drive thru at sonics, which took FOREVER. 

For July 4th, we went to my mother in laws community pool. Marleigh enjoyed her very first dip and took a nap in the great outdoors. After swimming, we enjoyed cooking out and spending time with family. 

One day of work and its time for the weekend! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I won't be moving my blog. Ill be right here! 

I think some people had confusion over the whole google reader going away thing. It seems that people are moving their blogs needlessly. 

I use blogger to post my blogs and feedler to read them on my phone. Plus, there's the blogger dashboard. 

Hope you all are well and continue to be able to enjoy your favorite blogs!