Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where You Been?!

Yes, it has been quite awhile since I've posted!! Almost three months!! I have no pictures to share, so I will try to make this as short and sweet as possible....

During my last post in May, I was anticipating our first wedding anniversary and our weekend trip to Virginia Beach. We had a great weekend down there! It was too cold for beach time but we enjoyed visiting the Aquarium. I really liked that place. The exhibits were wonderful and plenty. Well worth the money spent on admission, plus we went right when they opened so it wasn't crowded and we got to see how they clean the coral in the big tank and feed the fish. My favorite exhibits were the outdoor sea lion exhibit (which was really nice to hang out around since we got there a few minutes before the doors opened) and the sea turtles. The turtles were so beautiful and the tank is VERY large, I was able to get some amazing pictures.

I also made sure to fish out the LNS in Virginia Beach, Dyeing to Stitch. It was a nice shop in a row of other crafty shops that included a bead shop, knitting shop and a quilt store. When we arrived there was a bit of hub bub going on as a jewelry store in the shopping center had just been robbed so there were some police cars and detectives walking around to all the other shops asking if anyone had seen anything. I did like the shop, though I did feel the selection was a bit limited, but I would go again.

In other news.....the week after Memorial Day, we found out I'm PREGNANT!! Yes, it was a bit of schock for both of us as we had just decided only the month before "not to try, but not not try". We weren't going to become all stressful and baby crazy, but to feel blessed with whatever God gave us. I am due February 2013, so as of right now only 17 weeks along, but I am starting to sport a bit of a bump. It has been a very exciting summer for us getting used to the new changes occurring in our family. Hubby got a new job that has helped tremendously in the financial aspect of our life together, although I don't think he altogether "loves" it, but at the end of the day, it's just a j-o-b and in the long run will be so much better in our journey together and making a good life for our growing family.

I have felt very healthy during my pregnancy, no sickness at all, though those first couple weeks were a bit trying due to other symptoms I was experiencing. My dr's have been very pleasant and nice so far, although I am anticipating some stuggles down the road as I have some ideas and feelings about my birth plan and treatment during my third trimester that is probably not going to jive with "modern" treatment plans.

On the stitching front, I have to have seemed to have lost my mojo a bit. I did work a bit on my first Chatelaine project and kind of lost my steam. I've gone back to working more on my wedding sampler, "A Sweeter Love" by Plum Street Samplers. At this point, after being married a year, I'm just hoping to have it done before our baby is born.

This weekend is Labor Day weekend here in the US and I have a four day weekend. I plan on enjoying some much needed time at home doing some stiching and housecleaning. Hubby and I are also planning a trip to the zoo in DC on Labor Day when they open a new seal/sea lion exhibit.

Hope you all are doing well!!