Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Too Cute

On the weekends, we like to take our mornings to unwind, sit on the couch and watch cartoons. My daughter LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's so great to see her get so excited and dance to the music while she watched the show. Another favorite on the weekends is Too Cute on Animal Planet. We love all the puppies and kittens! 

The weekend of valentines day we adopted two cats from our local spca. They are taking quite awhile to adjust, but each day they come around more and more. When they first came home, they bolted from the room whenever we walked in. They still don't let us walk right up to them, but they are much more relaxed when we come into their space, and they are seeking out our company a lot more than they used to. 

They are both very playful and will go nuts over a pipe cleaner! 

This is the younger of the two at just less than a year. She is much more into being around her people. This was just a couple weeks ago when she started joining me on the couch in the evenings I'm able to stay up late and stitch. She was very curious about my needle and thread. 

We had a snow day earlier this week. During nap time, I decided to break in my new pan and made mini donuts! So delicious! 

I also received this pretty in the mail!! I ordered from a shop on eBay and it was the only place I've seen it so I had to snatch it up! With a baby and buying a home, my stash budget is minimal, plus I have so much to stitch already I'm pretty happy just keeping my wish list updated for now! This I had to have though! 

I don't have a progress picture of sleeping princess, but I'm almost done stitching the skin! I've been stitching it over one and had a hiccup over the weekend. I stitched a lot of stitches in the wrong color and had to rip it out and restitch it. It was a faster fix than I thought it would be, but hopefully it won't be repeated! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014


My latest stitching has shown some growth! 

My lunch buddy now has a hill to stand in. Even if he is missing his nose. 

And sleeping princess is getting some body parts. I've seen on Facebook in the mirabilia group, some wonderful ladies have stitched the skin over one and wanted to give it a try. I don't like how bulky a full stitch looked with two threads over one so I just did a half stitch and I'm pleased with it. I do little chunks at a time so I don't get sick of doing it. Skin itself is pretty boring to stitch. Skin over one?! Forget about it! So I do a few stitches over one and then do some color. And wow! Those x's look huge after you've done some over one stitching, lol! 

Over the weekend I purchased a 17x17 qsnaps frame at michaels. I'm excited to use it for my chatelaine and also for mirabilia projects. It's big enough that it will fit pretty much the entire stitch in one area so I will be able to even bead as I stitch so I won't have to wait until the end! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I'm just grooving along on my two current pieces. I love being able to stitch during my lunch break, even if it's just a tiny bit. At home, I steal a few minutes here and there during nap times on the weekend or when the little one is busy playing by herself and doesn't notice what I'm doing. Lol. 

I've been thinking quite a bit about how much I would like to pick up working in my chatelaine piece again. I got a good start on it before baby came and it would be so nice to work on it again. I was mostly inhibited because I wanted to be able to stitch and also add the beads as a I go, but using q snaps can be a bit tricky and it's a large piece. I've decided to get one of the larger q snaps grams (17x17) and use it to stitch my chatelaine. It will give me a large area for stitching and beading. Plus, it will also be helpful for stitching the larger mirabilia pieces I also love. I'm excited!!