Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So while watching those idiots on "The Bachelorette" last night I was vigilantly working on Venetian. Let's discuss this show for a second. I mean, seriously, what are these people going to tell these kids when asked how they met? "Well, son, your mom and I met and fell in love over the course of a few weeks. Oh, and she was dating 20 other dudes." I would be like "Wow, my mom was a s-l-u-t!" I usually don't watch this show or its counterpart "The Bachelor", but I was intrigued by the stupidity of this seasons buxom brunette and how she fell for that loser dude named after a car. I mean, that dude named after a cartoon mouse had a much cooler name AND he was better looking! Then she sits there in Hong freakin' Kong...."oh, poor me, I need closure" and the guy shows up! Of course, I would show up too if I got a free trip to Hong freakin' Kong just to tell some girl I don't like her.

Anyways, so I am watching this train wreck and in an instant, my scissors slide off my lap after I snip a thread and get swallowed by the couch. Now, our couch isn't one of those one piece deals where the cushions come off. It's leather (hating right now) and both ends are recliners. So although our couch is in fact, one piece, the cushions are not, so anything that falls in the cracks falls alllll the way to the floor. Then, in order to get said something that falls through the crack you have to either move the WHOLE couch, or put up one of the recliners and manuever your fat behind underneath it hoping your freakishly short arms and/or fingers are in close enough proximity to reach whatever you were dumb enough to not hold onto for dear life and let fall in the first place.

So, back to the scissors. They slide off the couch, but I do not hear them hit the floor. Where did they go? Where are they? Oh crap. Where are my scissors?! I realize that they have slid behind me and been swallowed by the back of the couch. I gingerly fish around in the seams of the back and seat cushion to avoid getting stabbed and my hand brushes over something smooth. A texture different than that of the couch. At first, in typical girl fashion I think BUG!! but then feel my fingers gently brush over it again and I realize it is plastic. A plastic bag of some sort.

The culprit!

Seriously?! Let me remind you of THIS post. I was in shock, even Matt laughed at my face when I pulled my hand out of the chasm of our couch and this bag was in my hand. And of course, I have to mention that I have replaced this "lost" thread just weeks ago after having "lost" it three months ago! All those weeks of lamenting over being unable to work on my wedding sampler and it was right under my behind...laughing at me. Unbelievable. Oh, and I did find my scissors a few minutes later, without injury.

I leave you with this picture of my living room as I left it the day of my wedding. During the planning process, I called it my "room of creation" as this is where I sat many a night working on all the projects and crap...um, stuff. The MORNING of the wedding, my moh and I were at Michaels at the butt crack of dawn to replace a broken scrapbook corner punch that I HAD TO HAVE for my programs. Then we hightailed it back to the house to get all the corners punched.....and well, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Matt hadn't been home for about three days before the wedding at this point, so I made sure to text him this very picture that day while he was at is moms house getting ready. He knows me well so his response was "LOL". Smart guy. A month later and I am still finding tiny pieces of paper and vacuuming them up.


Danielle said...

hahahahah. the elusive silk. that stupid bugger!!! Yeah, you will probably be finding little white punches on your first wedding anniversary. It's like spilling glitter, or beads. You keep finding them and finding them and finding them.

Joysze said...

My couch is just like yours. I've lost ou t on ho many times hubby has had to life it up so I can find "droppings." LOL

ROFL at the floss!!!!!!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

LOL at the missing floss!

You should see our carpet, it's a mad pattern in multi colours, impossible to see anything on unless you are two years old and want to eat it!