Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Fun!

This past weekend was very nice and relaxing. Friday night, Matt and I went out on our date night! We enjoyed a yummy dinner at The Olive Garden followed by a meandering trip around Target, topped off with a fun movie.

We had some time to kill before our movie so we went over to Target to look around and also to get our candy. Does anyone else do this? Smuggle snacks into the movies? I do it for two reasons 1) The movie theather we were going to does not carry my favorite candy. Can you believe that? Crazy. 2) Have checked the prices at movie theaters lately?! Double crazy! I mean, seriously, we had to spend $22 on tickets alone. In my humble opinion, that should not only include admission BUT ALSO SNACKS at that price!

On a side note: we have found theater near us in Gettysburg that only charges $8 per ticket and is also a very nice theater, but it was a crazy long drive from where we had gone to dinner. Also, after our wedding we went to Berkely Springs, Wv to stay at a bed and breakfast for a couple days. We almost had a heart attack when we went by their movie theater and their ticket prices were $3.75!! O.M.G! They show one movie per week and have showings Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Anywho, back to Friday night!! While everyone else was going to see The Green Lantern, we went and saw Super 8. Boy, we were glad that we did, excellent movie. Ex-cell-ent! The story centers around a group of kids in 1979 that witness something they shouldn't. It very much reminded us of The Goonies. I highly recommend you go see it!

Saturday, we ended up going to Target AGAIN to get some items. We had only purchased our candy for the movies the night before because we didn't want stuff sitting in the car while we were in the theather. I got the 3rd season of True Blood that just came out. I just love that show, it is a bit racy in some parts, but the story line is very entertaining. I just love when Bill says "Sookie", LOL. Matt also worked Saturday night so I was able to hole up in the house and stitch all night. I was up until about 1 in the morning working on Venetian. I don't have a progress pic right now, but I got a big chunk done. Sunday, we hung about the house and then went to the in laws house to have a cookout for Fathers Day. We also did some laundry while we were there.

Yesterday, I had off work so I was able to enjoy some time at home in the morning before going to an appointment and then working my butt off when I got home that afternoon so Matt didn't think I just sat around allll day....he was on to me though. I set aside my stitching and did alot of crocheting on some baby items requested by a friend.

Hopefully, I can get a progress pic of Venetian up soon.

Happy Summer!!

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Joysze said...

LOL!! YES on the candy.... and we smuggle in water as well. ;) It's daylight robbery what they charge for edibles at movie theaters. Good to know about Super 8.