Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad News!!


I just wanted to get you in here to read this post!!

I spent some time last night working on Venetian. I forgot to get a picture last night. My phone battery was too low to operate the camera and well, I was too lazy to get up and go get the charger to plug it in. Also, I have decided that after today, I will be putting her away for the month of July. I am getting kind of burnt out on her, she is SO big! So for the month of July I will be working on my wedding sampler, A Sweeter Love by Plum Street Samplers.

Also, I will be hosting my VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY! I am hoping the items that I ordered will arrive before the holiday weekend so I can get it posted, but the U.S. postal service can be a very mysterious thing sometimes. Fingers crossed!

Tomorrow is TUSAL, see you then!


Joysze said...

Thanks for the TUSAL reminder! Can't wait to see a pic of Venetian. :D

cucki said...

yup,,thank you for the TUSAL reminder..i am going to look for mine..where he is hiding?
cant wait to see the picture of venetian..
love and hugs xx