Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Bit O' Stash

Last week I received some stash I had ordered from an LNS that I have never ordered from before. They are popular one, I like their website, people talk about them quite frequently. Alas, I will never order from the again, so I shall resist naming names, and they shall be dubbed "the shop who shall not be named". This is my first bit of stash I have ordered since the wedding. I don't really have any MUST HAVES on my list right now. I have put myself on quite the stash diet this year. Yes, these designers keep churning out some lovely patterns that I love, love, love, but my wallet does not. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have a fair number of items all kitted and waiting for my lovely attention. Most of them are wip's that just make me feel guilty when I see them. So, it's time to get rid of them!

Whatever, onto the fun stuff, I say! Later, I'll talk smack.

First, I have been eyeing this Shepherds Bush kit since it came out. It doesn't hurt that they modeled it in this super cute little box. As soon I saw it, I knew I wanted it to put beside my bed to hold my wedding rings whenever I don't have them on, which is mostly when I am sleeping (can't bear to sleep with jewelry on, I am so afraid I will lose them in my sleep) or while I am cleaning. It also doesn't hurt that per the instructions, this finish should be easier than tying my shoes and considering that its summer and I no longer wear shoes that tie, thats pretty easy!
Isn't it so cute?!?! I love that little sheep!! It is my first Shepherd's Bush design, but everytime I go to The Stitching Post, I love to look at their kits. The fabric looks blue on the model but it is actually a cream color. The inside of the box and the backing are black so I think it does have some effect on how the fabric color and thread colors look when it is all put together. I also think I am going to leave the words off my piece. I like it with just the stitched motifs...or could I just be that lazy? Nobody will know.....mind you, this is actually two items. The SB kit and the cute white wash box are sold separately. Totally worth it though, and there are other kits available that also fit in the box, plus if you don't like the white you can certainly order the black.

I started stitching it this past Saturday when I met up with Danielle. I probably could have had it done if I had had the time to just sit and stitch it out all weekend, but my so called life kept barging in. The fabric is a small cut so I am stitching it in hand, which I didn't think I would like, but it is not so bad with such a small piece.

Next up, is the Mystery Sampler from With Thy Needle. I am not sure about this one. I got it because I saw some of you other gals stitching it on your blogs and I started liking the colors. I've decided to wait until I have all three charts before I go about getting fabric and threads for it. Under those circumstances, does this really count as stash if you aren't even sure if you are going to be stitching it yet? I think not. The second chart was just released and I do believe I like it.

I like the flowers in the border. I am not fond of the fabric called for in the pattern (or its price) so I will probably use something different (because I am cheap). We shall see. I blame all of you that are currently stitching it for making me buy it, you and your wip pictures.

Now for the smackdown. I am totally disappointed in the online LNS I purchased my items from. These three items were not big at all, but were shipped in a HUGE box. The box they came in was soooo big that more than half of it was filled to the brim with packing peanuts. I loathe packing peanuts. They are a total pain in the arse, not to mention bad for the environment. Did I mention they are a total pain the arse, all their flying around and sticking to things and MAKING A MESS?! So, I open the box and it literally explodes these peanut things. I finally get to the bottom of this box and pull out three measly, small, little things and even Matt goes, "Is that all that was in there?" Myself having made the order, knowing what was in there was also a bit disappointed. I mean, with a box that big, I thought I had won a prize or something.

You may be asking yourself, "big deal, so what if it was a huge box?" Well, lets talk about how much it cost to ship those three small things in that big, huge box....$10. I was shocked, I have never paid that much for shipping when it comes to stash, regardless of how big or small or how many items were inside. Seriously, it cost more to ship than it did to buy the mystery sampler chart, how's that for perspective?! So yea, it gave me pause about that particular online LNS. I hang my head in shame for being unfaithful to my ususal dealer...er, shop.

Anyways, lessons learned!! I am thinking about having my first giveaway soon. I need to purge some items from my house so I am thinking a few gently used charts and maybe some other things are in store. You will just have to come back to find out!!

P.S.com We have received our disks with all the pictures from the wedding, can't wait to share some with you!


Parsley said...

Wish you could email me the name of that shop so I can be aware. I placed an order recently and shipping for a few charts and some floss was about $4.

country stitcher said...

I also ordered the Mystery Sampler but have not started it yet. the LNS that I ordered it from said they had the 35 count fabric for it so I ordered it with the pattern. When I recieved it the fabric is darker than what the picture shows so I'm hunting for new fabric.
I love to see wedding pics, can't wait to see yours.
Happy Stitching

country stitcher said...
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country stitcher said...
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Anna van Schurman said...

You definitely have to read the fine print when it comes to shipping. I once ordered from a shop that was having a big sale, 20% off or something. Because of the amount of stuff I ordered, they shipped UPS and the cost of shipping was almost 20% of what I ordered. Yeah. Totally.