Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Steal of a Deal (and other geek things)

I have been considering lately subscribing to The Gift of Stitching. It is a wonderinful cross stitch magazine, but, it does not come in the mail and you cannot "buy" it in the a shop. It is an online magazine that you download to your computer monthly. Being the tech savvy girl that I am, this has always appealed to me since I have heard about the magazine. But, since I could never "test drive" the merchandise I was always hesitant about subscribing. Mind you, I've never heard bad things about the magazine, in fact, it has always been good. It's kind of like the whole thing going on with ebooks right now. Some people are all about them, while others refuse to give up their books.

I just recently purchased a Kindle (holla!), it is kind of awesome. I was a holdout on ebooks, though I adore my Overdrive Media app on my phone (more on this later). I still love to go to the library and check out books, and in ever growing terror that my local Borders store will close, I will every once in awhile pop in to use a coupon and buy a latte. The Kindle, though, itsa verra nice, although I still have the problem of dropping it on my face while dozing off in bed (yes, this happens) just like I used to with a regular book.

Anyways! Back to The Gift of Stitching! Yesterday, I was reading on their lovely blog that if you go to their site, you can subscribe to a three month trial for $3!! Holy Cow!! Of course, I hopped right on over and got myself the deal. I am already in love with this months issue and looking forward to July and August....and we shall see if I can deprive myself of a whole year when the time comes to decide if I want to renew or not.

Since we are all about technology today, back to the app I mentioned earlier, its my favorite. The Overdrive Media app is a wonderful app for readers! It allows you to check out books from your library and read them on your mobile device!! It is quite the awesome thing! It has come in handy very often when I have wanted to read in bed and the light was keeping Matt from sleeping. I would just turn the lamp off and still be able to read on my phone without disturbing him! Plus, it is totally free! The app is free, checking out books is free, and no late fees for overdue books! Most libraries have a set time limit for the length of time you can "check out" a book (my library is 7 days), once that time expires the files are no longer available on your phone. It is kind of a bummer if you cant read that fast, but you also have the ability to put books on hold and also create a wish list of books you would like to read later. It is a really nice app, I always tell my friends to download it!


DebbieSFL said...

My library uses Overdrive as one of our forms for check-out and I can check books out as either audio files or as files for my Nook. I.LOVE.OVERDRIVE!!!

Joysze said...

Whooot. I did the Gift of Stitching thing a few years ago and they're definitely worth the price. :D

Marcy said...

Thanks for the link to the magazine -- I also am giving it a try.