Monday, April 18, 2011

Red Alert!

I am in crisis over here. Saturday night while watching the new Harry Potter movie, I had planned to work on my sampler. I ended up waiting until after the movie was over and Matt had gone out with a friend.

Imagine the horror when I settled in and realized I was missing a thread! Not just any thread, a SILK thread! I could have sworn when I brought it downstairs it was sitting right on top and although the little bag was not secure to the ring like the rest of my threads, it was there.

I crazily went through the house, top to bottom, searching for a little bag holding creamy white thread. I moved our sofa! No luck. I have no idea what happened to it. So, away went the sampler. I couldn't bear to look at that unfinished swan, mocking me for losing the thread.

I've decided to give it a week or two to see if it turns up before I reorder it, because you just know I'll go through the trouble of ordering a new skein and it will turn up out of nowhere.

For now, it is lost in la la land.
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Danielle said...

Yes, you KNOW once you order and receive a new skein the other one will turn up. For now, it is hiding, laughing, rubbing its silky little hands together, waiting for you to buy another skein! Don't do it. Haha.

VegasJilly said...

LOL. That's all I could think Saturday when I was running around the house looking for it. That darn bag of thread hiding somewhere laughing at me!

Joysze said...

Oh noooooo!!! Could it be hiding under one of your sofa cushions?

VegasJilly said...

our couch is leather, the cushions don't come off/move. both ends recline, so there are cracks in between the cushions. so, if anything falls in the cracks, it falls all the way to the floor. hence, the need to move the whole couch during my search.