Monday, June 27, 2011

Work It!

I've been making progress on Venetian as you can see. I finished up the green bit while watching Intervention.

Then I realized just how little room is left at the bottom. Oopsies....the design is charted for 32 ct, but me being me, went ahead with the 28 ct. 'Cause that's what I had when I was ready to start stitching her, okay?!

Anyways, after some finagling with the chart and double counting rows on my fabric, I will have about an inch to spare on the bottom when stitching is complete. Whooo! That was a close one!

Tomorrow, we discuss what I found in my couch while watching those dummies on "The Bachelorette".
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mbroider said...

Great Pic. Love the purple and red color combination. Wine...

cucki said...

yup..looking so lovely xx

Valerie said...

She is looking amazing! gri