Friday, June 17, 2011

Date Night!

First, thank you for all your wonderful comments on my finish from last night! It was a great stitch and I finished it in less than a week. It was also my first Shepherd's Bush kit and I definitely will stitch another one in the future. The box was also an easy finish. Just like the directions on the pattern said, I took the glass out of the box, centered it over my stitched piece, traced around it with a pencil and cut. Put everything back in the box the way I wanted and, Voila! Pretty box!

Last night while I was feverishly working away to finish the stitching for my box, Matt was working at is parttime job. He texted me at one point asking if I wanted to do a date night Friday night (tonight). I immediately replied yes! He suggested dinner and a movie. He picked the movie, I got to pick dinner.

Matt: I want to see Super 8. You pick dinner.

Me: Ok, sounds good....hmmm, have to think about dinner.

Matt: The new Red Robin is open.

Me: Oh good, then Olive Garden won't be crowded!


Hope you all have a good weekend!! I have off work Monday for an appointment so I am definitely looking forward to the extra day off!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your sheep is great! It's a lovely finish too. I need more boxes!

A funny thing just happened, I follow 2 blogs called "A stitch in time" and you both posted at the same time so I thought I was seeing double on my dashboard!

Joysze said...

ROFL!!!!!!!! Love your reply. Enjoy Olive Garden and the movie. :D