Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

I received an email from my swap partner so I can finally reveal that Astrid was the recipient of a package delivered yesterday. She also said she is waiting until Monday to open it, if she can resist. So, no picture of the goodies will be posted yet, sorry!

Earlier tonight I was, I mean browsing on etsy, looking at more bouquets. I always seem to gravitate to rbk (really bad kitty) creations and tonight I was not disappointed. This combination of red, black, and white felt is stunning! Love, love, loooo-oooove!! I've already attempted to integrate some of the embroidery into my own bouquet and made myself attempt the french knot, which was very successful.

Hope you are finding something that inspires you to try something new!
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Danielle said...

Ohh, gorgeous bouquet!!!! And congrats on the french knot. NEVER could master that one. I always used a bead instead.

Astrid's dragon said...

I might have to break down and open it, by boys think I'm nuts to wait!

So far so good on your flower, looking forward to see how it turns out.