Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Venetian Progress

I've been in quite a stitching slump this week. I haven't stitched since last Saturday. How sad is that?!

Tonight Matt and I had our fiest meeting with the pastor that is marrying us. He is a very nice man who knows Matts family well and helped them through the passing of Matts stepfather a few years ago. It was a bit emotional for me to talk about my own family who has zero interest in my life, but both Matt and the pastor were very supportive. It was also nice to hear the pastors observation about how impressed he was with Matt and I as a couple and how we support each other.

I had thought I would get some stitching in after we got home, but there were too many distractions. Tv shows and that Danielle has me playing a game on my phone, words with friends. Its like scrabble on crack.

Hopefully, tomorrow I can have a sit while Matt is working. Ill be glad when Friday comes, I've got a three day weekend!
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Danielle said...

Bwahahahahaha! Don't blame me. YOU were the one who texted me and said, oh, I have Words With Friends on my phone now!!! hahahahaha

Danielle said...

Oh, yeah. Meant to also say Venetian looks great!!!!!

Pointed Stitcher said...

Venetian is looking beautiful

Lesleyanne said...

Venetian looks gorgeous.

Blu said...

VO looks amazing! Her colours are just fabulous!