Friday, February 25, 2011

The One Where I Pretend To Be A Quilter

I get this magazine every month courtesy of a free subscription card I hijacked from a library book.

I *heart* quilting! I even made a quilt once! Mind you, I did not say finished. I've never taken any formal sewing lessons. I just decided one day to buy sewing maching and some fabric after I saw a pattern in a magazine I really loved. The dude i was dating at the time, his mom was into sewing and quilting so she got me started. That was about ten years ago. Poor quilt, unfinished.

I do love this magazine though. Yes, they have quilt patterns but they also include other sewing projects. This month was especially nice because they had cupcake pincushions! And we all know how I feel about cupcakes! I'm also very in lust with several of the quilt patterns.

Sigh, so many lovely hobbies, so little time.

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Astrid's dragon said...

I wish I knew how to quilt, but don't seem to have the time either. I'm going to a quilting show in Lancaster, PA, next month with my MIL - not quite sure how I got roped into that since I don't quilt!

Danielle said...

Oh, that quilt on the front cover is gorgeous! I like the look but have never had the desire. Go ahead and make me one. I'll take it. LOL.