Thursday, February 3, 2011


In the course of planning my wedding over the last year I have found wonderful and creative ideas on

Have you visited this site? You must!

It is a craft mecca. A lot of items I would like to have at our wedding are ideas and/or items I've gotten from etsy. The first was my bouquet. When I first started planning I knew we would be going non floral. First, because they are expensive, and they die. Second, they are expensive, and they die. I also wanted my bouquet to be something I could have as a keepsake and not have to shell out bucks to have it preserved.

Of course, a lot of people these days are going to silk flowers, but again, I wanted something different. Thus began my obsession with etsy. My first discovery was button bouquets. I found a lady that makes them in Australia and has a NINE MONTH waiting list, they are gorgeous! Made completely from buttons of varied sizes and colors I fell in love. But, I soon came to realize I just didn't have the time to collect the, literally, thousands of buttons needed to complete my bouquet plus bridal party accessories. Scratch that, but I could still, dream.

Realizing my button dream had to be adjusted, my search began again for ideas and I stumbled upon felt flower bouquets. Perfect! Flowers cut from felt, accented with embroidery and buttons. I could do that! I also discovered vendors on etsy that sell the felt shapes precut, so after ordering all I have to do is finish them with embroidery. My first order was for antique white flowers, but after getting my dress I've decided to also get black and grey flowers. Our colors are black and white. I've gotten a fair few of the white flowers embroidered, so I'll soon be ready to assemble the stems and bouquets.

Soon I will have to cut myself completely off from my stitching to work solely on wedding projects.

Hope you are all having a great day!
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