Friday, February 18, 2011


No post bad! I have to keep reminding myself to post now, whereas before it was just an automatic thing. I guess this week was hard to post because I didn't feel like I HAD anything to post. I haven't been stitching this week, although I was able to carve out some time last night while watching Grey's and Jersey Shore. Wow, Jersey Shore, what a train wreck. I couldn't imagine what my life would be like if I had acted like those people in my early 20's. I'd probably be in rehab and have a history of STD's....or I'd be a friggin millionaire like they are. LOL.

This is going to be a busy weekend, but I am very excited because tomorrow we go to the printer to see the mockup of our wedding invitations!! Some people are questioning why we had our invites custom made when so many people are diying and, "omg, why don't you just get one of those kits from the store?!" First of all, I don't like those kits. I am sorry, but I think they are kind of tacky, kind of plain, and kind of a pain in the ass. They usually only come in packages of 25-30, we need 35....what was I gonna do with the rest of them? Why don't I just light the grill and burn some dollar bills?!

Also, I would spend the better part of my time downloading templates, and picking fonts, and figuring out wording only to print one out and its not aligned right or the paper gets jammed. Oh crap, Ive ruined all these invites, we have to buy more!! I have better things to do, like get my friggin' bouquet done (and that's a saga for another day). No, thank you. Secondly, we only needed 35. 35! Its not like I went into the printer needing 100 custom made wedding invitations. So, yes, even though we spend money on something we hadn't really planned to get, it was worth it in the time saving department. I didn't feel half as bad after ordering them, when the girl next to us was paying $600 for 100 invites, and still needed to add envelopes and rsvps.  Plus, we decided we are not doing favors. They are crap and stupid, and people throw them out. Not to say they won't throw out the invitation, but whatever. I'm the bride, it's what I wanted.

After we go see the printer, our day is pretty much free. Although, I did invite Matt's mom to go along with us, so I am sure we will get roped into going on her errands with her. Which is usually fine, but she tends to get tunnel vision when we are with her. She loses track of time and we are too nice to just be like, okay, we are tired and hungry and we want to go home, because we know how happy she is to spend time with us. So, it usually ends up being around 8p.m. before we can extract ourselves and make the 45 minute drive home and the house is still dirty, laundry undone, and dishes in the sink. But, she is a lovely lady and I am incredibly lucky to be getting her for a mother-in-law.

I am hoping that tonight while Matt is at work, I will get some quality stitching time. I was at Target yesterday during my lunch break and they had a bunch of new movies on sale for $9! I was so excited! I picked up Toy Story 3 and Inception for $20, it was like getting one of them for free since they are regularly $20!! Yes, this is how I rationalize shopping, don't lie and say you don't do the same thing. LIAR!! The best thing stores ever did was put that little line on the bottom of your receipt that says how much you SAVED. Matt is also supposed to be meeting up with some guy friends tomorrow night, so maybe I will get some stitching done then. Sunday he is going with his mother to look at suits/tuxes for the wedding. Hopefully, he finds something he likes that doesn't cost us an arm and a leg.

Monday I have off work for the holiday! Yay!! I had planned on stewing in my pj's all day and stitching while watching some daytime TV, but alas, it is not to be. There was a recall put out on my car and when I called for an appointment to get it looked at, all they had available was a 10:30 a.m. appointment. The middle of the day! Dang it!

So I've got a three day weekend and it is so appreciated. I am tired. And my house is dirty. Soon to be remedied this weekend if I can manage it. The weather has been very nice here the last couple days and I am hoping to at least be able to get one good day where I can open the windows in the house and let in some fresh air and sunshine!


Shelley said...

Yes! I'm another one who looks for that little line that says how much I've saved :)

Anonymous said...

I love saving! I always calculate my savings and then say to myself "Now, I can buy that extra something-or-other".

I end up spending the same but get more loot!

I can't wait to see a picture of the invitations!!!

Danielle said...

Ah, nice to see a long post from you. You make me laugh, especially about the favors. Yes, they are crap usually. Have a good weekend! I am working this weekend, have been up since 3:45 am. Boo! And my sis's bday party is today. Nothing planned tomorrow though. Sleep! And I may have off on Monday as well, but so does BF and The Daughter. You know how THAT goes!

Rachel S said...

I agree with you about the custom invitations. The time that would have been involved in DIYing it was too much to deal with and it was much more convenient to have them done.