Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And Back To Our Regularly Schedule Programming

Happy New Year!! Four days into the new year and it's back to the same old, same old. I had an amazing new years/birthday weekend with my DH. Once I upload pics from the my camera, I will be sure to share the fun with all of you.

Many of my online stitching pals have posted blogs in the last few days about resolutions and goals they have set for myselves. I reviewed my post from last year and some of the goals I had set for myself were kept, and some were not. I won't go into the sad and pathetic details, but this year I decided to take it easy on myself. There is nothing more depressing for a stitcher than to read about another stitching stating that they ONLY had 3, 500, 372 finishes this year, much less than the previous years finishes. Honestly, I might have had a whopping four finishes this year. BUT, after considering that I spent the majority of last year planning one of the most important days of my life (my wedding, duh) and that I STITCHED EVERY FREAKING FLOWER IN MY WEDDING BOUQUET (not to mention my MOH's and the grooms bout)....sooooo thats like a hundred finishes, right? So, boo yah. LOL.

Anyway, I took an extra day for myself yesterday. It was lovely, DH was back to work so I had the house all to myself. I stewed in my own filth and wore my pj's all day while sitting on the couch stitching and watching "The United States of Tara" on Netflix. Wow, thats a wacky show. Funny, though. I worked all day of my January Cottage. Much impressed with my progress!

 At some point, I took a small stitching break to go through the pile of stuff that has accumulated at my end of the couch in our living room. In one bag, I packed in all my wip's and kitted projects and left them nicely tidied away. In another bag, I packed miscellaneous things such as threads or random bits of fabric. I also put in a few things I was given or bought that are just no longer my dish or I stitched them and must needs find something to do with them now. I see a giveaway in the future!! Right now though, they are jammed into our spare bedroom where all the other random things in our house gather.

After DH got home and started playing a video game, I trudged upstairs for a light bit of housecleaning and found an old faithful on my desk in our bedroom. Poor 'Sweetest Love', patiently waiting for some attention. I grabbed her up and finished stitching the roof on the white house and this heart and crown motif. I love this motif, it is my favorite on this piece. I think I am having a new found thing for crowns. I also love the key which is in  the picure showing all that I have done so far.

So it seems that my goal this year will be to stitch from my stash. I had set the same goal for myself last year and seemed to do very well with it. Most of the stash I purchased last year wase fabric or threads to kit up charts that I already had. This year, I can now spend stitching those kitted up projects. My first Chatelaine chart came in the mail last weekend so I will also slowly, but surely, be gathering the threads and treasures needed for that start. As for now, I have PLENTY to keep me busy!


Danielle said...

Wow!! January Cottage looks great. You did get a lot done. Sweetest Love also looks great. I have seen the United States of Tara. LOVE IT! I may have to join Netflix again...LOL.

cucki said...

Hello dear your cottage and other stitching are all looking so lovely..great job
Keep well
Hugs cucki xx

Minnie said...

Bothh projects look fantastic and your stitches is so neat. Good job.

Denise said...

I started my cottage this week too, but haven't had a lot of time to stitch. Hope to finish it soon since its a quickie. What fabric did you use? Both projects look great! I've got a thing for keys and crowns too!

Rowyn said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. That's so cool that you are stitching Growing Like a Tree too... we'll have to spur one another on!

One thing I noticed is that the flowers in your border are purple. I thought uh-oh I must have a frog... but I checked the Moira Blackburn website and there are two versions. 'Growing Like a Tree' (the one you are stitching) and 'Growing Like a Tree (spice)' which is what I'm stitching. Anyway, a piece of useless info for you. :-)

I'm off now to have a further look at your blog! :-)

Mangogirl said...

your stitching is looking great.