Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Things

After I got home last night, I saw that we had received the new Wegmans magazine. It is a nice publication with recipes and meal ideas. Also, a few coupons.

In my perusing of the magazine, I saw this ad for ready made iced coffee. All you do is pour over ice?! Sold! Next time I'm in the store, that is going in my cart!

I also needed alittle break from sweeter love so I made this cute hat to add to my etsy shop and also started working on a small Shepherds Bush kit, Quaker Heart. I am trying to stay away from any new starts right now, but I figure a small thing every now and then won't hurt.

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1 comment:

cucki said...

yummy iced coffee..i love it so much..
lovely hat..
keep cucki xx