Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Magic....The Gathering

So begins the gathering of materials for my first Chatelaine piece. I received my first batch today. Dinky Dyes and NPI silks! The colors are sooo beautiful and the sheen of the silk is just magic!

And thanks to Danielle and her genius idea, I made my first ebay purchase in YEARS when I found a seller online offering Carons Waterlilies waaaay below the regular price.

I still have quite a bit to go in completing the gathering. Plus, I still have to pick some fabric! My lns is having a super bowl sale in a few weeks so I will definitely be taking my list and marking off a few more things!

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natalyK said...

Which Chatelaine design are you gathering supplies for?? I am waiting for supplies for Deep Blue Sea and it feels like it is taking forever. Happy Stitching!

cucki said...

yummy threads..happy stitching xx