Thursday, February 2, 2012

Almost There

The weekend is almost here and I am very ready. My poor hubby is working doubles since Wednesday,  no rest for him until Saturday. Sometimes I feel like a big jerk because he works two jobs and I don't. But, I spent all six years of my college days working two and three jobs at a time just to survive, not because it was fun. I know if I went back to that now it would not be healthy for me. Plus, I could just forget I even have a husband to go home to. I worked a second job for a bit when we first started dating, two evenings a week and saturdays. I was always exhausted and DH was always worried about me. So,I have to remind myself of these things when I feel like a big jerk sitting at home one the couch while he is still working. DH doesn't HAVE to work that second job, he continues because he likes the people and its a bit extra cash in his pocket every week. Hes even tried to quit a few times, but the owners always get him to come back. One time they even chased him down in the parking lot and begged him to come back.

Anywho, onto some stitchy things. Last night, I did a bit more border on "growing" (sorry, no picture). I thought it would be boring and slow, but its gone surprisingly fast. I have the one side done on the first page and will be working on the top this weekend.

I've seen alot of stitchers finishes of the Sarah Elizabeth Brook sampler and I've got to say, I've kicked myself a fair number of times for not getting the chart when I had the chance at the retreat this past November. I picked up the darn thing at least three times while I was shopping and put it back on the rack! All that brick seemed so daunting, but I love it more and more everytime I see it in someones blog and the colors are so pretty! Maybe I will find it at the sale this weekend!

If not, its definitely on my wish list!

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Rachel S-H said...

I work the second job and I think I'm in the same boat you were, but I need to adopt the idea that it isn't good for me.

Can't wait to see your progress!

cucki said...

Sending you big hugs deary..
Happy stitching xxx