Friday, February 3, 2012


Well, I don't kbow about anyone else but I've seen a few blog posts from people about thread storage. I store all my dmc threads on plastic bobbins and use vonnas method of labelling. I then keep all my bobbins in a box. Well, I have like three or four of those bobbin boxes. Of course, one box I don't count because its all thread for ONE wip that's been in progress....oohhhh...around ten years. Its a Teresa Wentzler, nuff said. Anywho, I've seen posts about these double sided boxes, so last night after work I cruised on down to joann fabrics and found two! Alas, one was broken, so I just purchased the one. It was on sale 40% off so it went into the cart. So I'm down from two boxes of dmc to one half of this box. Yay space savers!

More exciting news when I got home! My order from stitching bits and bobs came! Yay!! I got a few silks for my chatelaine and the february and march cottages from CCN.

A great start to the weekend!!

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cucki said...

lovely stash..
i also store my threads like this in the plastic storage box..
hugs cucki xx

Stephie said...

I absolutely LOVE your thread storage. Could do with one of them myself where would I find one too though in the UK lol

Danielle said...

So glad I bought some of those boxes! Yours looks very nice and organized. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the February and March cottages.

Nicola said...

You are so well organised. Wishing you a good weekend.

Mangogirl said...

such wonderful stash :) I love bobbin boxes the colours are scrumtious