Monday, March 21, 2011

Woodlawn Needlework Show

Yesterday, Danielle and I made the trek to Alexandria, Va to see the needlework exhibit at Woodlawn plantation. It was a wonderful experience and one I am looking forward to repeating it next year! Woodlawn plantation was originally the home of George Washington's nephew, Lawrence and his wife, Eleanor aka Nelly. Nelly was known for her needlework back in the day, so naturally it is a prime spot to have the exhibit. Danielle and I were told not to take any pictures inside the house, but it was spectacular! It was fun to wander through the rooms upstairs and down imagining the residents of the house in their daily lives and also admiring all the needlework pieces that had been submitted and those that had won ribbons.

This is the back of the house as it overlooks the hill behind me. From this view, you can see the Potomac and Mount Vernon. Through the windows, we could see all the people walking through the house. Thankfully, Danielle and I got there just as they opened at 10 a.m. so we were able to avoid the crowd. This is always nice as my purse and I tend to knock things over in crowds.

 Danielle getting ready to chow down!

Mmmmm, cake!

While there we also got to enjoy a lovely lunch provided by Nelly's Needlers. All proceeds earned from the needlework show and the cafe go to the preservation of the plantation, so even though I was a bit surprised at the price for a chicken salad sandwich ($9 o.m.g.), I figured it was well worth it for such a good cause and a great day.

Here are a couple pictures of the front of the house. I love the circular driveway, imagining all the neighbors/family coming to visit in their carriages pulled by horses. The door with the ramp in front of it is actually the room where they served lunch, but was not actually an entrance. The main entrance to the house exhibit is actually on the far left.

After spending a couple hours exploring the house and its properties (we even found the "necessary" aka outhouse), we got back in the car and found our way to In Stitches. It was a fantastic shop! They had so many things in their shop that I hadn't seen anywhere else. Danielle and I were both so excited that we forgot to take pictures in the shop. But, take our word for it when we say that it was well worth it! I was able to pick up what I needed to start a new project and also fabric for an upcoming swap I am in.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are not suffering too much from the Mondays!


Danielle said...

Oh, yesterday was so much fun! I look forward to going next year. And this time taking pictures INSIDE In Stitches! Haha. I swear I am going to enter a piece next year.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I was in Northern VA a couple of years ago (my folks live south of Richmond) and visited In Stitches at the time the Woodlawn show was going on. Didn't get to see that but LOVED In Stitches! Love your blog - I found you from Danielle's blog.