Friday, March 25, 2011

I Got This!

Oh, it is Friday! I am soooo happy! This has been a long week!

First off, let me just state how fantastic it was to get to enjoy a brand spankin' new episode of Greys Anatomy last night. It was soo good, and next week comes our musical episode with the cast singing! I love Sara Ramirez (she plays Callie), she is gorgeous and can sing it out! Matt and I also watched the season finale of Jersey Shore last night. Wow, what a hot mess those people are. Of course, if people paid me that much money to act a fool, I just might do it.

Tonight, in the continued effort to save money, we are having a date night in. We should have a DVD from Netflix waiting for us in the mailbox, and  this morning before I left for work I threw a chicken and some spices in the slow cooker. Can't wait to walk in the door and smell all the chicken goodness.

This weekend we are determined to tackle a big project in our house. Our bathroom. It's so gross. I hate it. We rent our house, but our landlord is a bit...elderly, and really is not interested in making improvements or changes to the houses where we live. The number one thing I hate, hate, hate about where we live is the bathroom. The floor has CARPET!! CARPET!! Yea, I said CARPET in the BATHROOM! It. Is. Awful. Impossible to clean and just ugly. After talking with a neighbor last weekend though I discovered that before he moved in, he took the carpet out of his bathroom and replaced it with linoleum and had no problem with the landlord. In fact, he told me he spent the whole month before he and his family moved in making improvements on the house with the landlord's blessing. So screw it, I'm doing that too! So this weekend, we are starting from the top down with the walls. They need a good scrub down before they can be painted. Previous tenants had a hideous border on the walls which I promptly ripped down when I moved in, but was too lazy afterwards to clean up the mess it left behind. After the scrub down, it will be time for spackle and painting. I don't think we will get to painting this weekend, but as long as the walls are clean and ready, I can deal with that. This is the one room I really want to improve before the wedding. As it gets closer, I know people are going to be coming by to see us, plus we have an out of town guest staying with us that week and I will be completely embarrassed for her to see that room in its current condition.

On the stitching front, this week I have been hastily stitching a gift for a swap I have to mail out next week...or is it the week after? No pictures yet, but oh!, is it cute! Hopefully I can finish it up this weekend and have my package already  to go out when the time comes. I am thinking once I get that finished, I can start assembling my wedding bouquet and also *maybe* start working on A Sweeter Love. I see it all kitted up next to my stitching spot and I just want to snatch it up and get it started, it's so tempting!! Tomorrow night Matt is working so maybe then I can pick it up for a bit and just put a few stitches in it to satisfy my needs.

Hope you all have a great weekend and get to do lots of stitching!


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Good luck on your bathroom project. Man, what were people thinking back in the day when they put carpet in bathrooms. YUCK! Enjoy your date night in!

Astrid's dragon said...

Yuck, my parents still have carpet in one of their bathrooms. Sure you wouldn't like to rent our house, we could use a bathroom makeover! ; )