Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Total Snooze Fest

Nothing much going on over here. It is supposed to be spring, but I haven't seen any sign of her. What a B....! She tricks me with the sun, and then slaps me in the face with bitter cold as soon as I walk outside. Not happy.

Matt and I got some supplies for our bathroom adventure. I got started while Matt was working in another part of the house. I soon came to realize that I, as the planner, did not plan well and we did not have enough bleach to get the all the bathroom walls cleaned. I got about halfway through and could not continue. And of course, we went to the grocery store on Sunday and I still forgot to get more bleach. Bride brain is in full effect. Oh well. We will get there.

Matt worked Saturday night so I was able to do put in some quality time with my couch and Netflix. I worked on my gift for a spring swap I am in (no picture...yet) and watched many episodes of "My So Called Life". Do you remember that show? Mid 90's....I forgot how good/funny it was...but honestly, I didn't think and still don't think Jared Leto is all that. Just sayin'.

After finishing one part of my swap item, I got a bit of craft A.D.D and spent the rest of the weekend switching from one project to another. First I was working on my bouquet and started to assemble some of my flowers. After about three of those, I could no longer stop myself from starting "A Sweeter Love". I still have yet  to get floss away bags for my silks so I only let myself start stitching the green border. This way I don't have a bunch of silk skeins lying around with their labels no longer attached. Isn't that a disaster in the making? Then after about ten minutes of working on the sampler, I went back to my bouquet flowers and was doing more embroidering.

Clearly, I need to sit down and focus and just finish something. It has to be the swap, it must be. Because I don't want to be that one loser that hasn't sent their package out yet...even though I do want to keep it for myself....aaaand I got my swap package in the mail yesterday and it was FAB-U-LOUS!!

I would show you, but I took crappy pictures with my phone and am only now realizing how truly crappy they are. So, you just gotta keep your pants on and wait.

Peace Out!

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