Monday, March 7, 2011


Friday after work I came home to a lovely surprise! My first RAK!! Two patterns and some cute heart shaped cookie cutters from parsley! She's an awesome nice lady!

The weekend was pretty good. The bridal party found their dresses and Matt and I went to the movies Saturday night. We saw "Take Me Home Tonight". It was fantastic and sooo funny!

Sunday was a super yucky day. It rained all day, and it wasn't that wussy rain either. It poured down all day and most of the night.

Now starts another work week. Woe is me!
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Danielle said...

Parsley is so great! What great gifts. LOVE the LHN pattern.

Parsley said...

I'm glad you liked your surprises. :-D

Astrid's dragon said...

Such a nice surprise!
Be prepared, more rain ahead - enough already!