Saturday, December 18, 2010

My attempt at organization

So part of my new years resolution is to be more organized or to find better ways to be organized. One thing I really wanted to do was find a better way to organize all the DMC floss I have acquired in the last couple years. Lately, I've just thrown the skeins in a small plastic bin and then only pulling the colors I would need for a project and putting it on a plastic bobbin, then using a sticker to label it. But it was always such a pain to dig through all that floss just to find one or two things, and then I didn't have them anyway!

So, my method was working for awhile despite some frustration. Until I began to discover that all my fancy stickers were drying out and falling off the bobbins! Leaving me with bobbins of floss and no idea what color they were supposed to be.

Then one day I stumble into Vonna, aka The Twisted Stitcher's blog. She has a section of tutorials about how to do different finishing techniques, but she also has a blog about how she organizes her floss . I had a very large "oh, duh" moment when I read her post.

After reading this post I was more than happy to veg out on my couch and wind bobbins. I now have four boxes of floss, two of which are nice and neatly labeled. I happen to think its sooo pretty now! All of my bobbins look so uniform with all of the labels in the same place and hopefully don't come off anytime soon.

Maybe someday I'll find myself in possession of a gorgeous thread chest, just like Vonna has!

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DebbieSFL said...

I used to use the labels, but now I write the numbers in a corner of the plastic bobbin with a fine point permanent marker---so far so good!