Monday, December 6, 2010

It's that time of year....

and tonight I was cleaning out some old pics from the laptop and found a dish that is definitely on the menu this week! Gotta break out the slow cooker for this one.

Last winter here in Maryland we had TWO blizzards...the first in December 2009 just before Christmas and the second in just the beginning of this past February. February's blizzard brought us to a record 50+ inches, and some much needed time off work. My office building was closed for a week..and I got paid because it was classified as a state disaster! Ahhhmazing!
So while stuck in the house for a couple days waiting for the snow to stop so we could begin digging out, we wanted some chili, but just werent in the mood for the same old, same old. Off to google and I found a yummy (read: easy) recipe for White Chicken Chili.
The ingredients below:

3 cans of Great Northern Beans, one package of white chicken chili mix, chicken broth, one can cream of chicken soup, and a can of rotel (or as many cans as you want depending on your love of spice), and half an onion all chopped up.

You'll also need some chicken. We like to use chicken tenderloins, but any chicken is good. I also like to boil my chicken before I throw it in the pot. I don't know about anybody else but I get kinda yucked out when I see all the chicken bits in my soup when it's cooked in the pot with everything else. So, I like to boil my chicken and then I shred it up with a fork.

I throw everything except the chicken broth into the pot with the boiled chicken. I check out how soupy it is at this point and add some of the broth.

If it's early in the morning before I go to work I turn it on low for 8 hours, but if I am home to supervise and can cook it up fast, I go high for 4 hours. Since your chicken is already cooked, you really just want some time for everything to sit in the pot, get hot, and marinate all together...very sexy. If the chili gets alittle less soup like for your taste, you can add more chicken broth.

This will definitely be served in our house this week! What does everyone else like to make to ward off the cold, wintery chill?

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Diane said...

Yesterday we tried the crock pot white chicken chili you posted (with a few modifications) and it was a big hit! We also enjoyed the cavitini you posted in September. Thank you for sharing your recipes! I tend to get stuck in a rut and serve the same meals over and over. I love when folks post quick and easy meals that get me to thinking outside of my box. :)