Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in review

Christmas came early to our house Thursday morning. Matt and I were spending the night at his mothers Christmas eve so we decided to do gifts to each other that morning before we got all busy getting ready to leave.

I was so excited to give him his gifts! I found a book of poetry written by Tupak that I knew he would love, a few other things and I also had a photo book made of all of our pictures from our trip to Jamaica! I created it at and it is awesome! Highly recommend this site for creating keepsakes!

Matt got me a cool hat to wear during the winter. He always says I need one and I never have any. Its brown and pink, I love it! He also got me the lego harry potter game for wii, its so fun. I got to play it for about half an hour that morning and had to make myself stop and get ready to leave.

Last but not least, he got me a pandora bracelet! It's so gorgeous and so perfect because I can buy just one or two charms at a time to celebrate those special days! On the bracelet is my first charm, a pretty heart with some bling in the middle. Friday, the 31st, is my birthday so Matt is going to take me to pick out a charm or two to add as my gift. I really want the cupcake charm, its very birthday-ish (and I love cupcakes)! They also have lovely wedding charms, so I am looking forward to getting one to add to my bracelet as our wedding day gets closer.

After dinner and gifts with his family, Matt and I went with his mom and her boyfriend to the 11 p.m. setvice that was held in the chapel where we are getting married. It was so beautiful and perfect! I'm so excited to be getting married there.

Now that christmas is over I can get back to all of my regularly scheduled stitching. It will be nice to take a break from stitching ornaments and gifts and work on what I want to work do and not what I am doing for other people. I know, selfish stitcher, that's me.

As a merry christmas/birthday treat for myself, last week I paid alittle visit to the 123stitch website. I ordered the fabric and threads for "a sampling in the square" by Blue Ribbon Designs. It's a lovely design with pretty spring colors to ward off the winter blues. Also, in the new year I will be participating in my first round robin, so that should be fun. I'll also have to be browsing for some baby knit, crochet, or quilt designs as my newly married cousin and his wife announced that they are expecting their first child in august!

But for now, its off to work I go....only three days this week!
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Danielle said...

Love the hat and the charm! Be sure to post what charms you get for your birthday.

reinaknits by the fire said...

I have a Pandora Bracelet too~~been saving and collecting for awhile I have 14 charms. I want to get another bracelet so I can get different color glass beads..I have pinks and purple now..and many silver ones. I have the heart one yu have with no bling in the center. I have 3 dangle ones. Here in Vegas we have several shops which carry them. I am hooked, so is my daughter.

I cross stitch, knit, crochet, needlept too and read.
I have 2 maltese pups.

Have a great 4th of July.