Friday, October 5, 2012

Catching Up!

Posting from my new shiny iPhone 5! It's been alittle bit of an adjustment from my android phone, but all good!

Matt and I were away last week on vacation with his family in NagsHead, Nc. My mil and her bf are lots of fun, but I would not recommend going on vacation with your spouses 90 year old grandmother. What a nightmare! Highlights of the week included days of not working, time on the beach with the family dog, and seeing a baby sea turtle released into the ocean!

I am 23 weeks prego now. I have a sonogram on Monday. I have off work that day for Columbus Day so I'm really forward to having a three day weekend. Hubs and I will probably start the process of decluttering our spare room for the baby. There is so much stuff in there! I know there is a lot of stitching stuff that I just know I will never get to or was given to me that is just not my taste. More than likely, my friends here in blogland will benefit because I've been thinking it will be the perfect time for some giveaways!

Hope everyone is well and has a great weekend!!


cucki said...

have a lovely weekend xx

Vickie said...

ooOoo! Who doesn't love giveaways?
Will you find out the sex of the baby?

Nicola said...

How exciting to be having a baby. We are having a grandson around December 31st.

I need to lean how to mobile post.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

One consolation, looking after a baby is a doddle compared to 90 year old women! Babies don't argue, not for a couple of years at least LOL.