Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Jamboree

Last post I blogged about the two classes I took on Saturday. Sunday, was my last class of the weekend. It was with Donna from By the Bay. It was also my first time working with stump work. It was a bit of trial in the beginning, but I enjoyed it. First pic is Donnas model, second pic is mine in class.

After its all finished it makes a very cute little bag.

Of course, I can't leave a retreat without getting some stash! I've been on quite the stash diet lately as I've been preparing for little one and there just hasn't been anything that I've seen lately that I just had to have. Plus, I've been trying to work in wips. There are just too many.

For this trip, though, I just decided to get it if I wanted it!

I got all six of the Lizzie Kate snow belles charts plus thread and fabric to go with it, only later realizing I only bought one skein of whitewash and I need FIVE. I found this cute project bag with the sweetest sampler fabric sewn in. Love it! I also picked up Shepherds Bush green snowman (oops, no picture). And wow, they had so many SB charts/kits I've never even seen before! The five skeins of linen weeks thread I need to stitch barnwood buttons. Not pictured is the secret yarn I bought to make the baby something special. Not quite time for that reveal yet! Meanwhile, I'm searching for just the right pattern to use for my baby yarn goodness.

I'm off work tomorrow for a dr appointment an to get some finishing items for our baby shower on Saturday! Hope you all have agreat weekend!


cucki said...

aww cute little flower bag..
and yummy new stash..
hugs cucki

Nicola said...

I am very interested in mastering stump work. Your class work looks really good and your stash beautiful.

Barb said...

Really great stash!

Lana said...

Cute flower! Yay! Stash!!

Anna van Schurman said...

Love your stumpwork.