Monday, August 8, 2011

Fresh Start......sigh

So here it is. I ripped every single thread out. Isnt my pile pretty?!

A lot of you suggested just starting on a new piece of fabric, but this is all I've got and with Matts illness the last couple weeks, ordering something was just not in the budget. Ill be on a stash diet for quite awhile.

Amazingly, I didn't cut one whole in the fabric or rip it to shreds in frustration. Cookie for me! So tomorrow I will start anew. Maybe I won't screw it up, again.
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cucki said...

oh dear, first of all i am sending you lots of hugs..
and so much good luck wishes for the new start..kisses xx

Jenny said...

Oh no! That totally stinks! I can not believe that you had to take all those pretty stitches out. And your pretty swan that was oner-one; that must have been really hard to pull out.
While feeling your pain, I can also say that I would have done the same (after a lot of cursing and probably after putting the project away in a corner somewhere for a good, long while). Even thought I could probably afford picking up a new piece of linen, it is simply the principle! You did the right thing in my book!

You are right in that the pile of floss is really pretty - you should definitely think of something cool to do with it!

Joysze said...

Great job on the frogging, Jilly. Sending you lots of hugs.