Thursday, April 7, 2011

Surprise in the Mail!

Yesterday, I came home with the plan to go out with Matt to do some shopping. We are going to a wedding on Saturday and having our engagement pictures taken on Sunday and had nothing to wear for either event. The wedding is at 11 a.m. and the only wedding appropriate things I had to wear are better for evening weddings. As for the pictures, we had decided to go casual since they are being shot in a park, so I already have my jeans and cute shoes picked out, but no top.

Our shopping trip was slightly delayed when I came home to find a huge box on the kitchen table and Matt waiting for me so we could open it together.

O.M.G, this was in the box:

The most coveted item on our wedding registry, well for me it was! Sent by the lovely and most generous Danielle and her BF! Can you believe her?! Oh, look at it, isn't it sooo pretty?! I love it so much! I am sure I had it out of the box and on the counter in less than five seconds. Poor Mr. Coffee, he was quite upset. Matt felt so bad he made room for him on another part of the counter.

I had to tear myself away so that we could get our shopping done, which turned out to be a success. But, I sure did enjoy just pushing that little button and having my coffee ready almost intantly.

I can't wait to try out some different coffees, teas, and hot chocolates!

Happy Grey's Day!!


Parsley said...

Oh how WONDERFUL! Yep, Danielle is quite a friend and very thoughtful. Enjoy!

Danielle said...

As soon as I saw it on the registry I knew I was going to get it for you! I was just hoping no one was going to beat me to it. Yes, it is most wonderful. Besides my Kindle and then iPad, it is the best thing Bill has ever bought me as a gift! Enjoy it. And, yay, Grey's!!!!

Tanya said...

woo HOO ... lucky you!!