Monday, April 11, 2011

Pins and Needles!

As I sit here at work, I am anxiously waiting for our photographer to post "preview" pictures from our engagement session onto her Facebook Page. I am nervous, people! The session went very well yesterday. We had on cute outfits, I had my nails done, I wore makeup for God's sake!  We are talking serious stuff here, like concealer and foundation. So, here I am, cradling my phone, repeatedly hitting refresh, refresh, refresh and no relief. After the preview pics, we should get a lovely disk with all of our photos in the mail in about a week or two. Then I can print and order and create with them to my hearts content to prepare a couple things for the wedding.

Speaking of the wedding. I am totally frustrated and annoyed. How freakin' hard can it be to rsvp to a wedding?! If you get an invitation to an event two months in advance, I would think you would be able to know if you are able to come or not. If you usually work on a Saturday, aren't those two months in advance enough time for you to take off?! Or if you know you can't take off work, those two months should be enough time to say "hey, I am not coming to your stupid party?!" AHHH! I mean, really, I thought I made it stupid easy. Our rsvp cards are post cards for pete's sake. Post cards that already have stamps and don't need evelopes. Just write your name on it so I know who you are and put it in a mailbox!

Speaking of RSVP's, Matts mom is throwing a shower for us THIS SUNDAY. People have been invited, and they have not rsvp'ed! She made it even simpler by allowing rsvp by email or phone, no snail mail needed. Still, people do not respond.

I swear, I will never throw another party. This is ridiculous, the level of inconsideration people have. No, I will not ASSUME you are coming to my wedding. I have a caterer, that I have to pay, who needs to know how many people to feed. No, I will not tell them 45, when I only have rsvp's from 8 people! So, return your friggin' post card and get it over with!

I wish I could have a bouncer at the entrance of the church, with a list. No rsvp, no entrance. Get with the program people, rsvp''s kind of a big deal.

I need to go check my Facebook.


Danielle said...

Ha!! You should have put on the invitation, NEED invitation to get into wedding, and have someone at the door with a list in hand.

Joysze said...

And what's worse.... sometimes they don't RSVP and show up with multiple guests... what's with THAT?????

I hope you get all your RSVPs in soon!! Any news on the photos?

Shelley said...

Hope you get to see your preview peeks soon.. and totally with you on the RSVP thing.. so frustrating..