Friday, September 26, 2008

Feeding the Monster

so ive been working diligently the last two weeks on needleworker too. unfortunately, i have lost internet at my house and cant post any progress pics yet. but i do have some exciting news, i recently bought a new cell phone and got a $50 mail in rebate and have now received my $50 rebate debit card, yay!! while waiting for it i was planning what i would buy with it. stash of course!! despite my recent vow to not do that, i thought well, technically this is money ive already spent so its not like ill be doing without if i spend it on something totally for me....though i should have though more along the lines of clothes stash is better, lol. so this morning i fed my monster and placed my order at, one of my favorite sites to buy stash. not only is the shipping pretty cheap and fast, the prices are excellent. they may not have ALL of the latest things that are coming out, but if you ask they will get you pretty much anything you want. so what did i get?

well, ive been on the lookout for a twelve days of christmas ornament design. i really loved theresa wentzlers ornament design for the twelve days, it was so fancy and pretty and i love her work. but having stitched (one ufo and one completed) pieces of her work, i thought, no i knew, i would never get them done in time for the holidays. i would get too frustrated with the detail like i always do, but so pretty!! anyways, then i saw the new just nan design, but also decided against those. just nan designs are cute, but i feel like they are too busy for my taste, just too much going on there. then i happened upon the designs done by cross eyed cricket, inc. and they are sooo cute!!! also different then other designs that i saw, i loved them instantly! the only downside is that they split the twelve ornaments between four leaflets, which kinda sucked but who cares....i gotta feed my monster!!! so i ordered all four of the leaflets and also the JCS ornament issue.

i still have $11 left on the card........maybe its time to feed the YARN monster......

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