Monday, September 22, 2008

Trying to show alittle restraint.....its soooo not working

since ive "rediscovered" the joy of cross stitching in the last year or two, im quite impressed with the amount of stash i have built in patterns and kits. still quite low on fabrics but im working on it....ive also become a bit of a fabric snob since i found hand dyed fabrics. for awhile i was very obssessed with a wonderful website i loved to order from and also a LNS near me that i found while doing some intensive research online looking for one. its about an hour from my house so trips are planned well in advance and include pages and pages of lists of things broken down by: NEED, MUST HAVE, AND MIGHT BE ABLE TO DO WITHOUT (BUT NOT REALLY). recently, as in the last couples of months ive been much better and am trying to restrain myself from getting more stash aside from the occasional exchange or two with my friend heather in new york. i want to be able to make it to the new year without any big sprees but its soooo difficult......

as of right now, as shown in my previous post, ive got three projects going and trying to fit them in a weekly rotation. last week i worked diligently on needlework (too) and i must say, its come a long way. saturday i had the house to myself as my bf was working both of his jobs until about 10pm. so after a quick trip to pick up the fourth season of greys anatomy, i was planted on the couch just stitching away. i'd say im about 50% completed.....update picture to come soon.

as for acquiring stash, ive done quite well. i havent ordered anything online/purchased anything at the LNS, since um, the beginning of august? and even then i only ordered like 2....5 things.....but most of it was for an exchange i was doing with a friend. so ive been good....and now the JCS ornament issue is out....and i want.......just this one little, thats how it always starts, im in so much trouble!!

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