Friday, October 3, 2008

Ready for another weekend

So yesterday i received the most fabulous email from Silkweaver fabrics. 50% off odds and ends and solo fabrics!! holy crap!! so of course i immediately hit the site as did the 1 million other people that got the email and the site crashed. im panicking, seriously, i had my eye on opalescent hand dyed fabric 9x13 for $3.30, UM HELLO!!! so after countless hits on the refresh button, i was finally able to get back in and quickly complete my sale. five pieces of fabric, all hand dyed, three of which were opalescent for $20!!! im so excited, and i wont have to wait for weeks to get them because they are already dyed so hopefully it wont take longer than a week to get them. i found two very pretty pieces, one a nice yellow and the other a really pretty light teal for my twelve days of christmas ornaments so i can start on them as soon as i get the fabric, yay!!!

as for the weekend, no idea what im getting into. my bf, matt is working tonight, saturday and sunday so im on my own once again (he worked the same schedule last weekend). prolly cleaning, laundry and more stitching!

i finished needleworker too last week, no picture yet as my dsl is still down...the dsl bill is very low on my list of bills to now this week im working on nantucket rose, she is extremely tedious with the color changes and all the confetti.

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