Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hidden Treasure!!

Not a lot of people know this, but since November we have been in the process of buying our first home. It's pretty much been a nightmare dealing with the mortgage company and dealing with all the paperwork. Luckily, the house is perfect for us. It's a flip, so it's been completely renovated from the bottom up and has GORGEOUS new kitchen appliances. Plus, air conditioning. I just don't know how I will handle it in July when I am not dying from the heat. Never in my life have I lived in a house with ac. I'm feeling quite fancy about it. 

So, we have started packing up our tiny rental and while cleaning off the television stand, I found a treasure! Swooshed allll the way in the back of the bottom shelf was a bag from the lns in ocean city, Salty Yarns (love that place)! In the back was a lot from The Sweetheart Tree. I know I had to have purchased it back around summer of 2007. It was a day trip dh and I had taken to the beach with friends when we were dating. Well, they wanted to go to the beach, I wanted to go to salty yarns! Lol. 

I had started this piece and then put it in the bag. I swear I have spent the last six years looking for it! Every time we've rearranged the house and when we had to toss things to make room for the baby, I was keeping an eye out for this bag!! When I found it, I had made a pretty good start. The only thing that wasn't done were finishing stitching the leaves and the back stitching for the vines. The last two days at work during my lunch break I've worked on it. Today, I finished up the back stitching and am now ready to do the hardinger heart in the middle. Since I've never done hardinger, that's probably why I didn't finish it six years ago. Lol. 

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Vickie said...

Beautiful! Great "find"!